100 cars blocked the San Francisco Bay Bridge due to an illegal side show

Night view of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge

Please don’t do cupcakes here.
picture: Dllu/Wikimedia Commons

Early Saturday morning, nearly 100 vehicles blocked the eastbound lanes of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in California. It was not due to an accident or construction: Drivers were blocking traffic burning rubber and making donuts across the eastern lanes of the bridge. as such California State Attempts to suppress these So called side showsThis incident on Bay Bridge is just the latest in a steady trend of high-profile events in the Bay Bridge Reckless and irresponsible driving.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), RIt’s half eastbound It was a bay bridge It was blocked near the main tower east of Treasure Island around 1am on Saturday, December 3rd. San Francisco standard reports Less than 20 minutes later, before law enforcement could reach the scene, the bridge was clear.

Video clips from the sideshow that were on instagram Not unusual at this point. Several cars were seen Drift recklessly around the way. However, the site was certainly unique: The Bay Bridge is a vital crossing that is traversed by approximately 22 million vehicles each year. A caption posted on Instagram indicates that the lower deck of the Bay Bridge was also illegally blocked off.

Sideshows are becoming a growing problem in California. In July of this year, the Los Angeles authorities had to They closed a new half-billion-dollar bridge due to constant disturbances from street contestants and sideshows. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for California Mess. In September, ca. gGovernor Gavin Newsom signed on Assembly Bill 2000 In law. When the law goes into effect in 2025, so will the courts be able to comment a A six-month driver’s license if they are found to have taken part in sideshows or street racing in car parks.

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