A quick-thinking Kentucky Fried Chicken worker helps rescue an alleged victim who was kidnapped after she secretly slipped a “begging for help” note.

A Kentucky employee in Memphis, Tennessee, has been hailed as a hero after she reportedly helped police rescue a woman who secretly left behind a note claiming she was being held against her will.

The victim and her alleged kidnapper left Kentucky, and the employee immediately called the police to report the alleged kidnapping, Fox News reported.

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The observation of the desperate woman seeking help and the subsequent phone call to authorities led to the arrest of Diego Gale, 23, on Sunday after a brief chase with Memphis police officers.

“Officers were notified that a woman had written a letter asking for help. The female who had written the note was still in the yard with a man.” a report From the Memphis Police Department reads. “When the officers approached the couple, the man ran to his feet. After a short chase by foot, he was arrested.”

The victim reportedly told authorities that she had an affair with Glay and punched In the face of the accused when she tried to leave.

She also said that he took her phone and did not leave it out of his sight for several days, According to WHBQ-TV.

The victim, who was said to be from another state, is alleged to have gone to Tennessee to meet Glay. However, the authorities claimed that he “physically detained her against her will with physical assaults, threats, and being armed with a pistol”.

it was glay Accused With the kidnapping and evasion of arrest, and his bail was set at 35 thousand dollars.

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A quick-thinking KFC employee has yet to be named, but the individual’s actions have happily helped someone in need. This kind act saved the victim from unimaginable pain and suffering.

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