A university professor in Kabul rips up her diplomas on live television in protest of the Taliban’s ban on women’s education


A professor in Kabul tore up his diplomas live on television in Afghanistan in protest of Taliban testimony Preventing women from higher education.

The man, named Ismail Mashal, is the founder of the private Mashal University in Kabul and is also a lecturer at the University of Kabul Kabul University.

With tears in his eyes and his voice trembling, he tore up the certificates while appearing on the country’s Tolo News website on Monday.

“From today, I don’t need these certificates anymore because this country is not a place for education. If my sister and mother can’t study, I don’t accept this education.

He added that the diplomas were for the multiple master’s and doctoral degrees that he obtained, and that they are original.

A clip of his appearance has since gone viral, including a retweet by Shabnam Nasimi, a former political advisor to the Afghan Minister for Resettlement and Minister for Refugee Affairs, who is based in the UK.

Nasimi wrote on Twitter next to the video clip: “Amazing scenes of a university professor in Kabul destroying his certificates live in Afghanistan.”

The Taliban announced on December 20 that university education is for all female students suspended. This comes after the government banned girls from attending secondary schools in March this year.

It also comes on the heels of many other restrictions on women’s freedoms, including their access to public spaces. In November, women were denied entry All parks in Kabul. In the same month, a Taliban official in Kabul announced that women would be banned from using gyms across the country.

Women are also required to wear a headscarf and dress modestly in public under Taliban rules.

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