AirTag alert hits the phone at Disney World – without locating the tracker

During a day roaming the Magic Kingdom, a family from Tennessee unexpectedly received a notification that there was an unknown AirTag among them. While walking to their car, Jennifer Gaston’s teenage daughter received an alert on her iPhone that AirTag was moving with her.

“She reported that she was first discovered with her at 7:09 p.m., and we received the notification at about 11:33 p.m.,” Jennifer said. Tennessee news station.

When the daughter clicked the notice, she saw a map with a line connecting all the places the family had been in the past four hours.

“I’ve seen videos of other people warning people about them and what they are basically. That’s how I knew what they were and didn’t ignore the notification,” said the daughter.

After receiving the alert, the Gaston family searched all of their properties and failed to find the AirTag. Upon returning to the hotel, they decided to call the police anyway.

According to the family, they claim that it is important to do your research to find out what these devices are. It is important to have proper settings on your phone, so that you can be notified if an unknown device ends up among your belongings.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office could not determine the criminal violation because the family did not locate the AirTag. However, the bureau has created a report on the incident. OSCO believes that because there were thousands of Apple products near Disney on that day, the notification was likely “wrong.”

Apple update for AirTag tracking alerts

Apple recently Make changes to address AirTag stalking concerns; There is now a privacy warning that pops up when setting up a new AirTag. The message states that the device is intended for belongings tracking and not for stalking purposes. It also indicates that your AirTag links to your Apple ID and law enforcement can request this information.

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Apple has also updated the notification system to identify unknown Find My devices. This is what the Gaston family received when they received an “AirTag found with you” notification. There are also new alerts for Android users who find an unknown AirTag among them.

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While it is certainly a frightening situation for the family, it seems likely that the notification was a mistake. The Gastons couldn’t find the AirTag among them and were in close quarters with several people that day. Since OSCO doesn’t find anything either, this is likely a bug on Apple’s part. It looks like we may have to wait a little longer for Apple to master the unknown device alerts.

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