Alec Bohm overcomes bugs to help the Phillies beat the Mets

“Yes, you know what?” He said. “I do. Yes.”

Boom suffered on both sides of Phyllis’ life on Monday night 5-4 The return of victory Above the Mets in Citizens Bank Park. Join a long list of Phils players, including Mike Schmidt, who once said, “Philadelphia is the only city where you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day.” Pom Feliz put in a three-stroke hole in the first inning with the first of her three throw fouls. He then sparked a five-stroke rally in the eighth inning with a preliminary run. After the match, he made a minor foul for a moment of frustration that appeared on TV in the second half.

It happened after Bohm made a clean play on a globe. The fans cheered, but only because he made two mistakes throwing the first four balls his way.

An angry bum muttered to himself.

“me [expletive] I hate this place.

“Look, emotions were the best I had,” Bohm said then. “You said it. Did I mean it? No, it’s a frustrating night for me, obviously, you know? I made some mistakes on the field. But these people, these fans, they just want to win. And I mean you heard it. We’re back. They’re great. I Sorry for them. I don’t mean it. Emotions have taken the best of me.”

“I think he’s a kid who was frustrated,” said Velez manager Joe Girardi. “I don’t think the kid was referring to Philadelphia, the fans. I think he was referring to the situation he was in… I was there. You passed three balls. You passed balls lost the game. In this case, you hate everything. Think.” As he was probably feeling there. He’s a young man who has worked hard and has to overcome some things. It wasn’t a fun situation at the time.”

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After Baum’s third foul started on the third foul, he walked to the bottom of the inning. He started double play 5-4-3 to finish the fourth game. hit Center left field missile To double in the fifth. The ball hit hardest of the night at 108.8 mph, until Homer’s JT Realmoto clocked in eighth at 109.4 mph.

Then came the eighth rally.

“Alec walks and leads to a little flair,” said Girardi.

Bohm went from first to third on Johann Camargo’s hit song with a pinch to the right. He scored at player Kyle Schwarber’s choice. Homer of Realmuto running twice to the left cut the difference to one. Nick Castellanos walked in with two of the outs and scored the equalizer in a Rhys Hoskins double on the left. Didi Gregorios doubled to center right to score Hoskins, giving Phillies the lead.

“That was definitely a victory for Velez,” Castellanos said.

Then he made a point to praise Boom.

Castellanos said: “First, coming from a third baseman made three mistakes in a [game] beforeThe separation between defense and attack is incredible. He had the best bats all night. And normally, for me anyway, when I was his age, if it went that way in defense, it would be like that when attacking as well. This is evidence of his maturity and growth as an individual. He knows how proud I am of him today.”

But then what? Bohm is a 3-on-3 with two doubles and three walks on his start this season. He can hit, but he’s a defensive handicap. Gerardi kept him from winning 4-0 on Saturday in the seventh game for defensive reasons. Camargo finished Monday’s game again in third place.

“We have to get it [Bohm] Gerardi said. “Look at the first mistake, which I believe led to the next couple. He was trying to do too much. He should have it [held] the ball. I think he rushed the ball and that made a foul, and that kind of led to another foul. But [I’m] Proud of his hits. The progress he’s making offensively, I think he’s getting a little bigger. We have to do more, but I think he’s getting bigger.”

Pom sure learned something on Monday.

“Winning is what helps me leave feeling good,” Baum said. “You put us in a little hole. You saw those in the eighth inning. Everyone was locked up. Everyone had a great hit. It was really special.”

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