Allison Colest resigns as WarnerMedia chairman and Jeff Zucker accuses him of violating standards

In a note to staff Tuesday evening, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Killer said Colest had resigned following an investigation into “related issues” with former CNN presenter Chris Guomo and his brother Andrew, the former New York governor.

“Based on interviews with more than 40 people and reviews of more than 100,000 texts and emails, the investigation found that Jeff Zucker, Allison Colest and Chris Cuomo violated company policies, including CNN news standards and practices,” Killer said. Memo.

“We have the highest standards of journalistic honesty on CNN, and those rules apply equally to everyone,” Killer added. “Based on the information provided to me during the investigation, I firmly believe that we have taken the right steps and made the right decisions.”

Coleust made a comment about his departure Tuesday night.

“Tonight’s WarnerMedia’s report is an attempt at revenge for me and an attempt to alter media stories in light of the devastation they have inflicted over the past two weeks,” he said. “After maintaining and maintaining CNN’s journalism integrity for the past nine years, this is how I will be treated when I leave. I have to work with some of the best journalists in the world.”

Zucker’s representative did not immediately comment. Cuomo declined to comment.

Warnermedia is fighting for a possible lawsuit against Cumo His night was removed from the 9 o’clock slot In December Among the many controversies.
As a CNN business First reported On December 5, CNN retained third-party law firm Kravat to assess Chris Cuomo’s conduct in his brother’s sexual harassment scandal.

In an initial review of the law firm, CNN determined the reasons for stopping Cumo, and on December 4 Zucker did just that, which triggered a chain of extraordinary events.

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Cuomo hired a top Hollywood lawyer and told friends he was looking for the remaining millions of dollars in his contract. The network under the Zuckerberg refused to pay.

The Gravity review continued – and, as previously reported by CNN, a large number of employees across the organization were interviewed.

“It all started with a focus on Mr Cumomo’s behavior, and developed from a broader view of Mr Zucker’s handling of the anchor and his interactions with Gumos,” a new New York Times inquiry said on Tuesday. “Among other things, prosecutors asked CNN staff how Mr. Zucker handled Mr. Cumo’s suspension and shooting, what he knew about Chris Cuomo’s contact with his brother – and whether any staff knew about the communications between Mr. Zucker and Andrew Cuomo.”

Kravat’s lawyers also asked about the relationship between Zucker and Colest.

Zucker confirmed the relationship, but because he did not release it at the time it started, he violated the company’s standards.

When he left on February 2, he admitted: “I should have published it when it started, but I did not. I made a mistake.”

Colest said in a statement, “The relationship changed during COVID” and “I’m sorry we did not disclose it in a timely manner.”

Gollust noted that he continues to serve as head of marketing and communications at CNN, and he was spotted at the company’s New York office last week.

But according to Killer, he too has now resigned, and the Kravat trial is now over.

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