Amazon prepares to buy Electronic Arts

Original story: according to GLHF Sources, Amazon will today announce that it has submitted a formal bid to acquire Electronic Arts (EA), the publisher behind Apex LegendsAnd the FIFAAnd the maddenand more.

Rumors spread Online for a few weeks about a potential EA purchase, with Apple, Disney and Amazon listed as potential buyers. According to our sources, Amazon has finally made an offer.

It’s a smart business move from Amazon, which is also making strides in TV. after success the magician And the mysterious On Netflix — both shows are based on big video games — Amazon will likely use EA franchises as settings for new shows. mass effectAnd the Dragon AgeAnd the dead space There is a lot of potential in EA’s library of Transmedia Opportunities.

This news comes after a series of unprecedented acquisitions and mergers in the video game space, the largest of which was Microsoft’s purchase of Acitivison Blizzard for $69 billion.

According to our sources, the announcement will be issued later today. We’ve reached out to Amazon and EA for comment and will update you if we hear anything.

Modernization: according to Bloomberg TerminalAmazon is not expected to make an offer to buy EA, according to CNBC sources.

Written by Kirk McCain and on behalf of GLHF.

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