Apple event 2022: How to watch iPhone 14 Reveal Live today

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The holiday shopping season is closer than you think, and that means Apple is the same Getting ready to reveal the next iPhone.

The company’s productive fall event on Wednesday, dubbed “Far Out”, is almost certain to serve iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8. CNET will cover every detail, including our information Apple Event Live Blog.

Apple didn’t say what it plans to announce at its event, just sending out a coded invitation to the press, with the Apple logo apparently appearing in the night sky, indicating camera improvements for the upcoming or last year’s iPhone. Emergency calls are rumored via satellite.

The next iPhone is also rumored to include an always-on display – similar to what’s on the Apple Watch now – allowing information to be viewed constantly without sacrificing battery life.

The iPhone 14 launch will also mark 15 years since the original iPhone debuted in June 2007. At the time, the device was It wasn’t a sure hit It’s today. Many tech industry watchers have been excited about Apple’s prospects, but it hasn’t proven capable of building reliable phone technology. It was also up against formidable competitors such as Microsoft, Palm and Research in Motion, whose BlackBerry devices were ruling the business world at the time. Within a decade, Apple — along with Google’s popular Android software — had outdone itself. All three companies.

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While the iPhone will be a major product we’ll see at Apple’s event this year, and likely what most people are focusing on, the company has expected to hold other events later this year with other devices to showcase. These include new Mac computers with upgraded chipsets and new iPads.

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What is the date of the Apple event?

Apple’s online-only event is set for 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday. Those are 1pm EST and 6pm in the UK. (This is also 3AM AEST the next day. Sorry, Australia.) This is Handy time zone converter To help know what time you will be where you are.

Where can I watch Apple Live?

You will be able to stream the Apple event live from The company’s website.

We will keep you updated minute by minute developments through our website Apple Event Live Blog before the event begins.

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