Arroyo and Hayden debated, controversy swirled

By Chris Tanaka, WBZ-TV

BOSTON — Boston Councilman Carlos Arroyo continues to fend off attacks in his run for Suffolk County district attorney, and he’s doing so amid dwindling endorsements. Boston Mayor Michael Wu, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, and Congresswoman Ayanna Presley all in one day. drew their approvalsArroyo debated with interim Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hyden at Morning Star Baptist Church in Mattapan on Wednesday night.

“I feel resilient. I think part of the point here is for voters to understand that this decision is always going to come down to them,” Arroyo said after the debate.

Arroyo is pinning the success of his campaign on two things: those voters and the possible release of police files on sexual assault allegations against him in 2005 and 2007.

“My hope is that I have a file to give them, so we move forward with indisputable facts, not my word or somebody else’s word,” he said.

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. Arroyo said he hoped the files would be released, and he promised to share them with the public.

Hayden, who declined to speak afterward, pressed the attack during a discussion hosted by WBZ-TV’s John Keller.

“There’s no way he didn’t know about these allegations. It’s indisputable at this point,” Hayden said.

Despite spending nearly eight minutes opening the debate, Arroyo won over the Mattapan audience at times, promising to eliminate minimum sentences and calling for greater transparency in the police.

For his part, Hayden leaned on his experience and said voters should decide whether Arroyo’s past should factor into their decisions.

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Those results will come on September 6, the primary day.

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