Ben Stiller Looks on the Bright Side of Zoolander Flip #2

That is, looks on the bright side.

That is, looks on the bright side.
Photo: Matt Winkelmayer (Getty Images)

When it comes to Zoolander 2Poor reception and ticket sales, Ben Stiller still describes it as “not a great experience.” However, in a new interview with RespectedNow, the star is at peace with the movie’s stunning flip-flop at the box office, opening even more fun doors.

“if Zoolander 2 It was a big hit, and then people were saying “Zoolander 3! Do this movie! this movie! ‘Maybe that kept me away by having the space to work on development Dannemora‘ says Stiller, referring to his Showtime series Escape in Dannemora.

Despite the sought-after film’s success, cast members who included Stiller, Penelope Cruz, Owen Wilson, Kirsten Wiig, and Will Ferrell, 2016 Zoolander 2 It earned only $29 million in the United States (after a budget of $56 million) and was panned by critics.

Stiller also says that with a failure Zoolander 2He ended the directing tradition of stepping on a bottle for good luck because before filming began, a piece of glass went through the sole of his shoe and into his foot. However, the writer, producer, director, and actor has since decided to cherish this sharp, broken glass.

“I may have distracted from other shiny, shiny things, but it opened up a path where I could do what I’ve honestly wanted to do for years and years, which is: just channel something!” Stiller explains. “To say, I’m only going to work on this project that I want to work on, because it takes a while to get these things started, and if you don’t stick with it you won’t get there.”

Two years after the release of Zoolander No. 2And the Escape in Dannemora It will broadcast, and has earned it twelve Emmy Award nominations, including one for the series Outstanding Limited. The series, starring Benicio del Toro, Patricia Arquette, and Paul Dano, follows a federal prison employee as she helps two inmates who become romantically involved in the escape.

Currently, Apple TV + is showing the latest Stellar series, workplace drama to cut Starring Adam Scott. It’s his first project since 2018 DannemoraIt received a buzz as one of the first must-see shows of the year.

“People ask me, ‘Why am I drawn to this? Stiller says of people’s reactions to his dramas: ‘You’re not a guy who does such things. I was asked about it to cutI heard about him a lot Dannemora. ‘you are funny. Be funny.’ Understood. But I don’t analyze it. In my opinion, it made perfect sense.”

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