Benfica have confirmed the signing of Enzo Fernandes with Chelsea for a record fee in the Premier League

The transfer deadline has passed with no official announcement from Chelsea or Benfica regarding the completion of the Enzo Fernandes transfer, but we can (probably) rest assured that there will be no more shenanigans, turns or anything else, and that the 22-year-old is soon to be born at Chelsea Blue. But it takes time to get these modes, with just the right amount of blue steel.

Social media is obviously a huge thing (and Chelsea’s official accounts seem to be embracing it in increasingly meme ways, much to your old man’s dismay), and we’re definitely in the process of announcing Enzo’s arrival, arrival, etc. to everyone. that we can.

Gotta pay for those fees one way or another!

Speaking of fees, Benfica confirmed last night (well, 30 minutes past midnight local time) Chelsea pays 121 million euros – The reports contain this sum in six instalments, with the first instalment larger than the remainder of €40 million – which includes the various provisions to be made in respect of the solidarity payments as well as the 25 per cent due to River Plate according to them. Sale agreement from the summer.

The €121m (£106.75m) fee is a new Premier League record for an upcoming transfer, having eclipsed Jack Grealish’s £100m move from Aston Villa to Manchester City two seasons ago. The most expensive transfer involving a Premier League club remains Philippe Coutinho’s ridiculous €135+45m (£105+35m at the time) transfer to Barcelona from Liverpool in January 2018 – was the maximum potential fee for Eden Hazard to Real Madrid. 160 million eurosSaab may not have achieved all the rewards.

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Anyway, we are now waiting for the video announcement which we hope will be more Lock me up and less spursy.

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