Biden acknowledges that not enough has been done to expand the Covit-19 test capability: ‘We still have a lot of work to do’

“This is not enough. This is not enough. If we had known, we would have gone harder and faster,” he said while attending a weekly virtual meeting between state leaders and members on his Govt-19 response. Team.

Long test lines over the Christmas weekend “show we have more work to do,” he said.

Pitton’s recognition of the test defects came a week later He sighed The advanced strategy for combating the new upsurge focuses more on testing and accelerating vaccinations.
The new steps, which include ordering quick trials at the $ 500 million home that Americans can get for free, came too late to avoid disruption to winter vacation plans. Thousands of flights were canceled Because the flight attendants tested positive. Many Americans cut back on their plans amid the spread of the virus. The White House says Biden’s new tests and a website that Americans can order will not be operational until next month.

Biden noted in his comments that private insurers would soon be forced to repay Americans for trials. But he said those measures were not enough as the Omigron uprising was pushing cassettes to record levels in the Northeast.

“We have to do more. We have to do better, we will do,” Biden said.

This is the first time Biden has joined the weekly call between his Govt team and governors. Biden briefly greeted the leaders before the closed-door question-and-answer session began, saying it was their job that would eventually lead to the epidemic.

“There is no federal solution – it will be resolved at the state level,” Biden said at the start of his remarks from the White House, where about 25 governors from across the country shone brightly for the weekly conference call. “It eventually leads to the junction of the rubber road, where the patient needs help – or is prevented from needing help.”

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He added, “My message to governors is simple: if you need something, say something. We’re going to support you as much as we can.”

Speaking ahead of Biden, Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson thanked the president, but sounded cautious about the plan to buy half a billion home trials, saying it had the potential to “supply” the supply chain. The solutions we can offer as governor. “

“When you look at federal solutions that help mitigate the challenge, make sure we do not allow federal solutions to stand in the way of state solutions,” Hutchinson said.

U.S. governors have measured their approach to Omigran as a depleted public account with an epidemic approaching its two-year mark. Many have opposed the imposition of the new restrictions, following Fidel’s promise to keep the country open, even in the midst of registered case numbers.

However, some states have re-enacted the mask order and are preparing to increase hospital admissions by reducing selective surgeries at certain facilities.

During his White House call on Monday, Biden said he would “discuss his administration’s response to the Omigron variation and … ask governors about the needs of their states.”

“Now it is important to ask him directly from the governors of the country,” a White House official said. “He does.”

The official said the president was not expected to make any major announcements during the call. After spending the Christmas weekend with his family at the White House, Biden left in the afternoon for a short vacation at his holiday home on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

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Biden told reporters that as he left the White House, he received a favorable reception from the governors.

“They did not tell me they were worried, but they thanked me for their cooperation. They said they had everything they needed. They want to know what we think will happen from here. Biden said the team asked Fossi additional questions about testing and other topics.

“No complaints, a lot of cooperation,” he added.

Part of the plan, released by Biden last week, involves sending supplies and resources to areas where hospitals are experiencing difficulties. The White House said FEMA was ready to assist 1,000 military health workers in overburdened hospitals and would enable statewide committees to expand hospital capacity.

The plan to pre-deploy vital items, including gloves, masks, gowns and ventilators, was sent to the states as needed. The federal government has begun to stop free testing sites, including New York City.

When warnings about Omigron’s potential for rapid spread were raised last month, many health experts questioned why those measures were delayed. Long queues at test sites lasted the weekend, and the increase in cases showed no signs of slowing down.

The weekly calls between the White House and the country’s governors began with the onset of the epidemic. During the previous administration, the sessions were chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, who appointed President Donald Trump to lead his Govt task force. Trump has joined calls from governors on several occasions.

The change in management brought a new approach to calls, which are generally led by Jeff Giants, Fiden’s Govt Response Coordinator. Public health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauzi, are also joining. Biden has not joined one of the weekly calls since taking office, but he has addressed groups of governors on other occasions.

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Many Republican governors have strongly criticized Biden’s efforts to impose vaccination orders among big employers and health workers, and have challenged the actions in court. The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments next week on cases filed against the vaccine requirements.

In the summer, Biden harshly criticized Republican governors Opponent of vaccination orders and other measures to expand vaccines, he said, underestimating his efforts to end the epidemic.

“I tell these governors, please help,” Biden said in August. “If you’re not going to help, at least get out of the way of people trying to do the right thing. Use your power to save lives.”

CNN’s Betsy Klein and Kaitlan Collins contributed to this report.

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