Billie Eilish pauses concert again due to fan safety: ‘Take a breath’

Billie Eilish paused her concert again to check on fans while performing at Madison Square Garden in New York on Friday (February 18).

Earlier this month on February 5, the “Ocean Eyes” singer paused her “Happier Than Ever” tour show. Atlanta After I noticed a fan struggling to breathe.

At the time, Eilish urged fans not to crowd the concert at State Farm Arena, showing her an inhaler and waiting until she felt better before continuing with the show.

Later, she told the crowd, “I’m waiting for people to be okay so I can keep working.”

Eilish’s criticism From rapper Kanye West who, like many others, believes Eilish’s statement was a dig at Travis Scott and his alleged inaction on the Astroworld tragedy in Houston, Texas that left 10 dead and hundreds injured.

West — who has now legally changed his name to Ye — had previously threatened in an Instagram post to cancel his upcoming major show at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April 2022 until Eilish apologized to the “Goosebumps” singer.

Along with West, Eilish and Harry Styles are set to headline the California music festival later this year.

eilish He responded to West’s request with an apology in the comments to his since-deleted Instagram post, writing, “Literally he never said anything about Travis. He was just helping a fan.”

Scott, along with other Astroworld stakeholders such as Drake and organizers Live Nation, are facing a $2 billion (£1.49 million) lawsuit involving more than 200 plaintiffs, or families of victims who are seeking punitive action against those accused over the tragedy.

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In an interview a month after the Astroworld tragedyScott claimed that he did not know that people were seriously injured and died even after his performance ended.

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