Bob Melvin, the manager of the San Diego Padres Club, is hoping to have prostate surgery on Wednesday, only to miss part of the road trip

SAN DIEGO — Bob Melvin, the San Diego Padres manager, said he will have prostate surgery Wednesday, and he hopes to miss only part of an upcoming road trip.

Melvin said he doesn’t think he has cancer, “but they won’t know until they get in there.” He was dressed in streetwear during a pre-game session with the media ahead of Tuesday night’s game against the Chicago Cubs.

Melvin, who was set away from Oakland on November 1, said he has been feeling various symptoms since the team returned from a road trip last Wednesday night.

He was bothered by what the team described as a digestive problem. He was on the field last Thursday night but was unsuccessful in a 2-1 win over Miami. He was replaced by bench coach Ryan Christenson.

On Monday evening, Padres said Melvin could miss some matches in the coming days, including the series opener against the Cubs. A few hours later, they said Melvin was feeling a little better and decided to manage the match, with a 6-0 loss.

Melvin wasn’t well enough to attend the post-game press conference, so third base coach Matt Williams took over. The team announced that Christenson, who would have become interim manager if Melvin couldn’t manage, has entered COVID-19 protocols.

Christenson was cleared of protocol in time for Tuesday night’s administration in Melvin’s absence.

“Hopefully Ryan will be back today too,” Melvin said. “I’m not sure what it will look like today, but down the road, yes. Our staff are great. They will probably do a better job than I do.”

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The Cubs series ends Wednesday afternoon and the Padres kick off a three-city, nine-game road trip starting Friday and ending May 22. Melvin said he hopes to miss only the first six games, in Philadelphia and Atlanta. The trip ends with three games in San Francisco.

“I’ll watch and maybe have conversations every day about lineups and the like,” Melvin said. “I hope it’s only Atlanta and Philadelphia, but if it’s the whole road trip, it’s the whole road trip.”

Christenson came with Melvin from Oakland, where he has been a coach off the bench for the past four seasons.

“He’s a future director waiting to happen,” Melvin said. “You can ask any of these guys how it affects them in any number of roles. He’s been with me for a long time now and will manage at some point. We look at the game similarly and he’s going to basically manage it the way I do. We’ve been together long enough. Where he shouldn’t miss a moment.”

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