Buccaneers vs. Eagles score: Tom Brady, Tampa Bay, Johns Hertz, Philly dominate NFC wild card game

Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buchanan played defensive Super Bowl champions in their first playoff game, taking a 31-point lead after three quarters, and never looking back for the Philadelphia Eagles 31-15. Brady finished with 37 for 29 off 271 yards and controlled two touchdowns in the first game of the Tampa Bay opening kickoff.

The Buchananers defense forced three turnovers and knocked out Jalen Hurts twice. Hurts finished 23 for 43 at 258 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions, though most of those completions and yards were beyond the reach of the game. The Eagles entered the game as the number one favorite in the league with an emergency attack, but held on for just 17 carries for 95 yards in the afternoon. Boston Scott hit Philadelphia’s first touchdown in the fourth quarter with his single.

Tampa Bay scored three times in their first four innings to take a 17-0 lead, with Brady scoring 25 for 20 at 159 yards before the break. Both of Brady’s touchdown passes came in the second half: a two-yard pass to Rob Kronkowski and a 36-yard strike to Mike Evans, which lifted Tampa Bay 31-0 in the third quarter. Evans finished with 117 yards and nine catches per touchdown.

Here are excerpts from Buchanan’s hegemonic effort:

Why Bookers won

Tampa Bay was able to stop the Eagles’ emergency attack by sending an extra rusher (usually a cornerback or defender) on the Blitz.

Knowing that Hertz had to throw one or two options, the Buchananers forced the Eagles to pass. Hurts was outplayed in his throw, but the Eagles receivers made no difference in the adjustment when the run was taken.

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Using two-high defense in Philadelphia’s defense, the Buccaneers had the opportunity to complete passes early, moving the ball down the field and forcing Philadelphia to throw the ball.

For the eagles it didn’t go exactly right. The Buccaneers took the lead after their first possession, never looking back.

Why the eagles appeared

The Eagles were defeated in all three stages of the game. There was a delay in Hurts throwing throughout the day, the Eagles’ pass catchers were not constantly open, and Buchanan was unable to control the attacking line sending extra Russians, thus forcing the Eagles quarterback to save his life and make bad decisions. .

The Eagles defense allowed Brady to get a clean pocket early on by not sending extra Russians. They played back on the Buchanan receivers, which allowed for higher completions and easier scoring drives. Corrections were made too late.

Jalen Recore caused a catastrophe in the special teams, when the Eagles trailed 17-0 after a defensive stop in the third quarter, leading to a Buccaneers touchdown and allowing the Eagles to set up 10 yards and pass two balls. Where should they start their possessions. Rieger may have played his final game with the Eagles after two disastrous seasons.

Philadelphia dominated Tampa Bay in its wild card playoff defeat. Clear and simple.

Turning point

The Buccaneers controlled it from the opening kickoff, but the Eagles had a chance to get it back late in the first half. After trailing 17-0, Jalan Hurts downed the Eagles and gave them a chance to score before the break.

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In the second and 4th from Buchanan’s 21-yard line, Devonda Smith slipped her man and found herself opening in the final zone. Hurts, who rolled to his left and faced the pressure, made a mistake by firing a rocket instead of throwing the rocket at Smith in the open.

Mike Edwards was able to get close to Smith and take the pass in the final zone, resulting in the Eagles trailing 17-0 instead of getting points in the group. If Hertz had liked the pass to Smith, perhaps the Eagles would have hit a touchdown or Hurts would have lived to watch another game if he had thrown it.

Instead, they did nothing and were on their way.

Game of Thrones

The Buccaneers made a lot of highlight-reel plays in it, but Barrett takes the cake in the fourth and third in the third and 3rd in the Hertz of Shock.

With Tampa Bay already advancing 24-0, Hertz threw his back foot as the Eagles took the Blitz. The throw was a big mistake, allowing Barrett to change a hand interception on Buchanan’s 47-yard line.

Hertz threw a second interception of the game from that mistake, but Barrett deserves a lot of credit for making that interception possible. If Barrett had not dipped the pass, Smith might have done First Down and more.


The Buccaneers will play the NFC Divisional Playoffs next weekend one day and at a scheduled time. The Eagles finished the 2021 campaign with a 9-8 regular season record and a first-round playoff exit.

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