Can you spot the elephant in this optical illusion?

This optical illusion of an elephant can reveal how good your eyes really are.

The hidden image of the animal can reportedly only be spotted by one percent of people – but fear not because there is a handy trick to help you.

The mind-boggling image shared by TikTok star Hectic Nick challenges viewers to solve this delusion.

After spreading the illusion, he said, “Only one percent of people can find the elephant hidden in this photo.

“It’s not easy, but try flipping your phone and you might be able to find it.

“Send this to a friend and see what he does.”

The photo left viewers confused in the comments as they struggled to find the animal in the upside down image.

But at last the money that the elephant was lurking in the foreground, with the two large trees serving as the stems and the smaller one as its trunk, has fallen.

One frustrated user wrote: “It took me ten hours to find this.”

Another writes: “It’s the trees.”

While a rude third person added, “Watch it without having to flip it. I think I’m in the one percent.”

Meanwhile, the viewers were Challenge to find the crown In a busy mental lecture.

Flipping your phone may help you find the elephant.
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It comes before the highly anticipated jubilee celebrations that begin next week.

Elsewhere, optical illusion determines whether you are curious and brave, or if you have a tendency to ignore your feelings.

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