Daniel Snyder may finally have a real problem with his 31 partners

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Rampant allegations of sexual harassment and other workplace misconduct at the Washington Commanders led to a 10-month investigation by attorney Beth Wilkinson. The association imposed sanctions on July 1, but the association refused to publish the results.

As we now know, the league did not even request a written report from Wilkinson. I was told that, as reported at the time by 106.7, the fan obtained after the station obtained a copy of a document that had not actually been submitted to the NFL, if Wilkinson had been asked to file, the report would have recommended that the owner force Daniel Snyder to sell the team .

Leaking Jon Gruden’s emails dusted off what had been a curiosity and turned it into a full-blown controversy. Since then, Congress has been pressing the team and the association to release information about the Wilkinson investigation. Recently, the league and the team wrangling over documents that will or will not be turned over to Congress. But it was the allegations made by former Washington employee Tiffany Johnston that changed everything.

The league will conduct a new investigation. There would be no reason to hide any information, since Johnston has already told her story publicly. Washington tried to preemptively hire two companies to handle the investigation, before the association intervened and made clear that the team would not investigate itself.

The biggest pending question is whether the NFL will return Wilkinson to the second phase of the investigation. If that happens, that’s bad news for Snyder.

It might be bad news regardless. As one property-level source said recently, Johnston’s allegations could have been the last straw for the league, prompting Snyder’s partners to take steps to fire him.

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There are still several steps before it becomes relevant. But that may be where Snyder finally heads, especially if Wilkinson is re-engaged to investigate Tiffany Johnston’s allegations.

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