Deck13 Action RPG Atlas Fallen Announced at Gamescom

The fallen masters And the surgery Developer Deck13 Interactive revealed a new fantasy RPG Tuesday at Gamescom Opening Night Live: atlas He fell. The new game, coming in 2023, will take players into a “semi-open world filled with ancient puzzles and threats,” including giant monsters emerging from vast sand dunes. Fortunately, as we saw in the first cinematic trailer for the game, Atlas fallIts heroes have superpowers and “sand filled weapons” to fight off those threats.

Atlas fallThe trailer for the first time is an action-packed blockbuster, but there’s a snippet of gameplay near the end. Players can be seen gliding gracefully through the dunes on foot – no bird needed – and wield sand-powered abilities and shape-shifting weapons. The enemies that players will fight are more than just monsters – they are gods. Deck13 and publisher Focus Entertainment both promise customizable game modes and a co-op (or solo) story campaign.

Atlas fall It’s scheduled to release on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X sometime next year. Deck13’s The fallen masters Is also getting a sequel next yearbut from a different developer, and under the name The fallen masters.

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