Denver shooting: Rampage leaves 5 dead, including gunman

A gunman has killed four people and wounded at least three others, including a police officer, in a shooting in the Denver area on Monday, police said.

The suspect, who was not immediately identified by authorities, died during the shooting.

Authorities are searching for a motive behind several shootings in and around Colorado’s capital Denver. Paul M. Bassen, Denver Police Chief He told reporters during the press conference: “It’s holiday time. It is not normal for our society to have these kinds of extravagances.

The shooting started just after 5pm in central Denver, where two women were killed and one man was injured, Chief Pazen said.

Shortly afterwards, a man was shot several blocks away, the leader said, and police officers opened fire with a suspicious person.

The same suspect then fled to the nearby town of Lockwood, Chief Bassen said.

Just before 6 p.m., the Lockwood Police Department received a report that a business had been fired upon, the department’s spokesman John Romero told reporters during a joint news conference with Chief Boss. One of the victims was later found dead and was pronounced dead at the scene. Romero said police identified the car and the suspect in the shooting. They did not release his name.

When officers found the car, the gunman opened fire, and officers fired back, Mr. Romero said. The gunman then fled the scene to a Hyatt hotel where he is believed to have shot a clerk. He also shot and wounded a Lockheed police officer after he left the hotel.

The injured officer is said to have undergone surgery. Romero told a news conference. Paul Oskel, a spokesman for the Lockwood Police Department, said he had no further information about the officer’s health. The status of the hotel clerk was not immediately known until Monday night.

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The suspect was later shot in the lockout and was pronounced dead at the scene. Romero said. It was not immediately clear if police officers shot him.

Chief Bason said based on preliminary information, the Denver Police Department believes the same person was responsible for the shooting and previous shootings with police.

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