Descondes executive Glybern fired back after Dem Dem says Florida government ‘made it’ harder to vaccinate children

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The The Desantis management fired back The third highest-ranking Democrat, James Claibern, told DS.C.

Many claims about Clyburn There are Govt-19 vaccines in Sunshine State For children under the age of five, Republican Gov. Ron Desantis said in a statement that he had “taken steps to prevent Florida’s young children from accessing the life – saving corona virus vaccine.”

Ron Desantis says White House is lying about Florida government Govt prevention policy

Majority Whip Jim Cliberne, DS.C., put forward a number of demands regarding Florida’s policies regarding child vaccination against Govt-19.
(AP Photo / Amanda Android-Rhodes)

The South Carolina Democrats said Desandis’ policies against Govt-19 “made it harder for parents across the state to vaccinate their children,” and the governor promoted “anti-vaccine misinformation” about informed decisions about how to protect children’s health.

“Corona virus vaccines have been shown to be extremely safe and highly effective in reducing the risk of serious illness, hospitalization and death,” Clipurn wrote. “Now that they are accredited for young children, all parents must be provided with accurate information about the benefits of the vaccine and have the freedom to vaccinate their children without undue restrictions by politicians such as Governor Desantis.”

“I urge the governor to abandon this dangerous, unscientific approach, and I strongly urge all parents of young children to be provided with life-saving protection against the corona virus vaccine as soon as possible,” he added.

In response to the claims, Disantis’ management sent a letter to Glybern himself, tweeting Florida Surgeon General Joseph Labado’s letter regarding “blatant misrepresentations” made by the Democratic Chowk office.

“It is unfortunate that your staff used this educational meeting as a starting point for politically charged attacks,” Labado wrote of Tuesday’s inquiry of the House Govt subcommittee.

“Information about the meeting, which was released to the media earlier today, misrepresents the conversation and we welcome the opportunity for clarification,” he continued.

Lapado pointed out that, as Claibern said, the Florida Department of Health never restricted access to the vaccine and that private suppliers were “never restricted from ordering” when the department decided not to pre-order vaccines.

“Separately from ordering, I recommend against the COVID-19 vaccine for children under 5 years of age,” wrote the Florida Surgeon General. “There is no data to prove that this vaccine is more effective than placebo in reducing the serious illness and other clinically meaningful effects in this age group.”

“There is also insufficient data on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine,” he continued, pointing to vaccine-related risks to adolescents and young adults such as myocarditis and pericarditis.

Lapato argued that Florida lives up to its name as Sunshine State and provides strong data and information on Covit-19 treatments.

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“It is unfortunate that the information you have published is causing confusion among the public,” Labado wrote. “Parents are in a better position to make these decisions for their children.”

“Florida is committed to making recommendations and decisions based on data and science – not ideology,” he concluded.

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