DOJ appeals federal ruling on traffic mask order

“The CDC’s continuing assessment that the order requiring a mask on the inner traffic sidewalk at this time is essential for public health,” the CDC said in a statement. “The CDC will continue to monitor public health conditions and determine whether such an order is necessary. The CDC believes that this is a legal order, subject to the CDC’s legal authority to protect public health.”

In the wake of Monday’s ruling, the judiciary considered whether the aviation industry, local public transportation departments and everyday Americans could fight the unsafe court ruling. The appeal means that the administration will go to the High Court to extend the order – even though many airlines and public transport companies have already decided to optionally change the masks following the court ruling.

The Court of Appeals did not immediately include a request for an injunction restraining the court order, which is a standard action in emergency situations, and to re-establish the mask order.

This is an indication of the current Covid-19 situation and the lack of legal effort to protect the power of the CDC in the future.

Speaking to CNN +’s Chris Wallace on Wednesday night, White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said the appeal was important to protect the CDC’s future public health authority.

“It’s important for two reasons: first, we think it’s fair, that the judiciary, the CDC, the health and data professionals – most importantly the health professionals in our administration – can get that time. Psaki said.

He added: “We know there will be ups and downs in these epidemics and we are all ready to end it. But we want to make sure that our public health professionals can take action if needed in the future.”

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Dangerous move

This appeal is a dangerous move that could reduce the government’s ability to issue similar orders in the future. If the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals – oversees appeals from Florida, where the federal judge who overturned the order sits – upholds the ruling, it will set a precedent for all other federal courts in the area. , Which includes the southeast.

DOJ lawyers involved in defending the CDC’s masked mandate have warned Biden executives that they could back down from pursuing a legal battle over the masked mandate if the Conservative-based appeals court upholds the order.

The case could be appealed to the Supreme Court, where conservative judges have been ruling against Govt-19’s actions since the outbreak began. In January, the High Court invalidated the vaccine requirement for large corporations and last summer lifted the ban on its expulsion. The Supreme Court ruling confirming the decision to suspend the mask order will shape a Florida judge’s decision on the nationwide binding of CDC power.

The White House insisted on ‘choice’ over the masks earlier Wednesday

Earlier on Wednesday, Psaki said Americans have a “choice” About whether they will wear a mask on the plane Following the court injunction Federal mask order on airplanes, trains and other public transport.

“People are not legally bound to wear masks. Therefore, it is the will of the people, it is their choice,” Psaki told reporters, after which the administration “recommends that everyone wear masks on a plane.” “Under the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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When asked about President Joe Biden’s comments on Tuesday that people should decide for themselves whether to wear a mask on a plane, Zaki said Biden “actually answered the question” and reiterated that the White House did not accept the judge’s decision. Traveling with him would be like wearing a mask on a plane.

“We have not implemented the mask order because of the court order, we do not agree, he is still subject to CDC guidance. Therefore, we recommend that Americans across the country do the same. They still recommend wearing masks on public flights.”

Saki said That referendum “People are not really showing that there is a global vision in removing masks,” but that it is “not a bar” when making White House decisions “based on public health and data.”

Biden said on Tuesday it would appeal the court ruling overturning the federal mask order for travelers – but the order was still needed to protect public health only if the CDC decides.

Ahead of a Florida judge’s verdict, the Biden administration has extended the requirement for masks inside planes, trains and airports until May 3. The CDC was set up to assess whether this order was still needed, and Psaki later suggested that the assessment could be finalized. May 3.

“I expect you to hear from the CDC soon. And at the end of 15 days, I do not think their expectation and appeal will be sought,” Psaki said.

Psaki pointed out the need for the CDC to collect additional data on Kovit-19’s PA2 sub variant, emphasizing why the judiciary did not immediately appeal the verdict or seek an emergency injunction. Week.

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