“Drone Boy” became a hero in Ukraine after taking out a batch of Russian tanks

Andrei Pokrasa is being hailed as a hero in Ukraine, known to the public as “Drone Boy”, after he helped in a crucial Ukrainian military operation using his drone.

15-year-old Andrey, with the help of his father, put his life in danger and sent the Ukrainian army the coordinates of the advance of Russian troops during the first days of the war.

The war in Ukraine, which broke out six months ago, has had a particularly brutal impact on children.

Approximately 1000 children were killed or injured During the war, UNICEF estimates, the More than 5 million Ukrainian children alike In the country and those living as refugees abroad need humanitarian assistance.

“My mother was very scared at first,” Andrey told ABC News reporter Brett Klenet. “But now she is proud that we did so well, that we are healthy and that we were able to help.

15-year-old Andrei Pokrasa talks with ABC News’ Brett Clennett.

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Andrey said that they had posted in a local village group that they had a drone, and Andrey knew how to operate it. A man named Yuri Kasyanov from the Civil Defense Forces responded to their posts, Andrey told ABC News, adding that he “didn’t know I was 15”.

Andrey was asked to use his drone to spy on advanced Russian vehicles in Makarev, a village near his village of Kolonshina, on the outskirts of Kyiv.

“There were fuel trucks, tanks, artillery and armored personnel carriers,” he said. “I tracked them down on a drone, they were in my picture. Then I opened the map tab on the drone and marked it and the coordinates appeared there.”

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Andrey said that he passed the coordinates to Kasyanov, who passed them on to the Ukrainian artillery. Artillery destroyed a column of Russian tanks in a matter of minutes.

Photo: 15-year-old Andrei Pokrasa chats with ABC News' Brett Clennett.

15-year-old Andrei Pokrasa talks with ABC News’ Brett Clennett.

News letters

He said they were close enough to an explosion related to the attack, forcing them to evacuate the area.

“Yuri organized for us a green corridor – a caravan,” he said. “We passed this area to the Zhytomyr highway, which had already been liberated by that time.”

Andrey said that his friends did not believe him at first when he told his story about helping defeat the Russian forces, but then they saw him on TV.

“My friends are very happy that everything is over and I am fine,” he said. “I had to help because I can.”

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