Ed Sheeran ‘Films’ After Shape Of You’ Songwriting Sessions – Deadline

Ed Sheeran Uncover the emotional and creative cost of litigation Plagiarism He claims, revealing that he is now filming all of his songwriting sessions, just in case.

The singer-songwriter gave an interview to the BBC after winning this week in London’s High Court, where a judge ruled in Sheeran’s favor and said he did not “intentionally or unconsciously” copy artist Sami Switch’s work in his 2017 blockbuster hit. shape for you.

Sheeran said his sessions with musical collaborators are now filled with fear that “they might touch someone else’s note.”

He said, “Now I’m just shooting everything, everything in a movie. We’ve been getting claims about songs and we go, ‘Okay, here’s the footage and you watch it.'” You will see that there is nothing there.”

He added, “There’s a George Harrison point where he said he’s afraid of touching the piano because he might be touching someone else’s note. There’s definitely a feeling for that in the studio. Personally, I think the best feeling in the world is the euphoria around the first idea of ​​writing a great song. That feeling has shifted now. to, “Oh wait, let’s stand back for a minute.”

Sheeran repeated the point he made after winning the Supreme Court, that “coincidences would have happened” in an industry where 22 million songs are released each year, and only 12 notes were available to songwriters.

During the trial, Sheeran showed his point of view in the courtroom by breaking into the musical scales and melodies from Blackstreet. No Digitty The classic Nina Simone Good feeling To illustrate how common the melody is shape for you uses.

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He told the court that the song used a “simple secondary pentatonic pattern” which is “quite familiar”.

Sheeran and his shape for you Co-authors Johnny McDaid and Steve McCutchen have settled a claim made by TLC’s 90’s hit book. Not to scrub. Kandi Burruss, Tameka Cottle, and producer Kevin Briggs have since 2017 been on the ASCAP song list on the US copyright site.

shape for youIt was the UK’s best-selling song of 2017, which Sheeran said he originally thought could be performed by Rihanna or Little Mix.

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