Elon Musk reveals a new prediction about when humans will land on Mars using his spacecraft rocket

ELON Musk expects to see another giant leap for humanity not just in this lifetime, but in this decade.

SpaceX CEO chirp He predicts that humans will land on Mars in 2029.


Starship’s potential lies behind SpaceX’s $100 billion valuation

The SpaceX Starship, a reusable 400-foot rocket with one of the most powerful engines ever built, will be the ship that takes humans to the Red Planet.

Since 2020, Starship iterations have completed four launches and landing testing, reaching altitudes of more than 10 kilometers per flight.

Plan a manned mission on a trip around the moon in the spacecraft for the year 2023.

SpaceX named the mission dearMoon, Japanese Billionaire and space tourist Yusaku Maezawa will be among the crew.

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The Starship, as an asset of a private company, comes with an extension user’s Guide So customers can see if working with SpaceX is right for them.

The manual explicitly states that “SpaceX was founded with the goal of making life multi-planetary.”

Musk said interested in trade He expects a ticket for a Starship flight to reach $1 million, depending on the destination.

Currently, the cost to ride on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is about $62 million.

Musk, Mars, and NASA

Musk’s passion for interplanetary travel has long been documented – it’s a big part of his PR appearances as a pioneer.

The billionaire has been criticized for undermining famous scientist Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, a book about Earth as the only known planet that could harbor life and our need to cherish and protect it.

musk recitation Part of the Pale Blue Dot while on the Lex Fridman podcast, but then concluded: “It’s not true. It’s fake, Mars.”

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Some have criticized Musk for calling the work of one of NASA’s greatest minds inaccurate.

But Musk seems really interested in extending humanity’s existence, and Mars is the key.

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While speaking with Lex Friedman, Musk said, “I wonder how many dead One Planet communities there are in the universe. Maybe a lot.”

Musk is a guiding figure in the vision that humans are not bound to Earth forever – or even for the rest of the decade.

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