Elon Musk says a monetization model is coming for ‘all forms of content’ on Twitter — it could overtake YouTube

Elon Musk has cut thousands of Twitter jobs.Susan Walsh/AFP

  • Elon Musk said a monetization model is coming “for all forms of content” on Twitter.

  • On Saturday, he said the upcoming model intends to outpace YouTube’s current creator rates.

  • It also announced incoming content formats such as adding “long text to tweets” and longer videos.

Elon Musk said Twitter will likely roll out monetization for “all forms of content” on the platform in the coming weeks.

billionaire who Officially took the helm From the social media company earlier this week, he said this week that new content formats are coming, followed by a monetization model for creators. He added that Twitter plans to exceed YouTube’s current rate of paying creators 55% of the total ad revenue generated by their videos.

“We can beat that,” Musk tweeted In response to Quinn Nelson, an influencer, referring to the current YouTube model.

Musk said there will be more information to share about monetization in a couple of weeks. Comments came after as announced Twitter “will soon add the ability to attach long text to tweets,” an addition it said would end the “absurdity of notepad screenshots.”

Updated app description for Twitter in the Apple App Store on Saturday afternoon as well Point out new features Like longer format video and “priority content quality”. The update included what appeared to be the rollout of Mask’s Barbed Blue Authentication subscription plan, which will cost $7.99.

Tim Dodd, the content creator known as Everyday Astronaut, wrote on Twitter.

Twitter currently offers two video monetization programs, “Amplify Pre-Roll” and “Amplify Supports” to advertisers, according to its site. website.

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