Elon Musk Twitter Initiative: Board Members Meet as Discussions on Acquisition Turn Intense

The board of directors of Twitter met on Sunday to discuss the issue Elon Musk Acquisition Offer – Possible introduction to negotiations with Tesla CEO on next steps.

One person familiar with the matter confirmed the board meeting on Sunday and said discussions on Muskin’s auction had intensified.

“Twitter reevaluates Musk auction, may still be open to deal” was the magazine’s leading headline on Sunday afternoon and evening, sparking new speculation about Twitter’s future.

The New York Times Advanced the story Hours after the journal, the Twitter team first said it had discussed “Sunday morning” Musk’s initiative, and that “the Twitter board plans to meet with Mr. Musk’s on Sunday to discuss other possible terms of the deal.”

No one involved commented on the meetings. But Musk filed with the SEC last Thursday, claiming that he had financed the deal with $ 46.5 billion, which seems to be the driving force.

Wall Street Journal correspondent Cara Lombardo wrote, “Twitter is looking at the offer anew, and there is more to negotiate than ever before, and” the situation is moving faster. “

Unknown One: What is the Twitter Board’s rating for the company? Is it in the same bowling of Kasturi?

Dawn Ives of Wetbush Securities Said On Sunday, “The Street reads this news today as the beginning of Twitter’s decision. Musk, as a public company, may be on track to acquire the company until a second bidder joins the board. The board may officially reject Musk’s bid and then launch a hostile tender.”

Twitter – currently trading at $ 49 a share, which is less than Musk’s $ 54.20 a share offer – is due to announce first quarter earnings on Thursday afternoon. If not before then the company should have addressed Musk’s offer by then.

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The company’s only statement on Sunday night reads: “As previously announced, the Board continues to review carefully, extensively and deliberately to determine the course of action for the benefit of the Company and all Twitter shareholders.”

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