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brake alert: The following story contains details from the Season 8 finale on Wednesday Sparkle.

In the finale of season 8 tonight Sparkletitled “Negative, Part Two”, the superhero aka Barry Allen (Grant Justin) finds himself once again at war with his old foe (Tom Kavanagh), and also faces the possibility of being tricked into murdering Iris (Candice Patton).

While Reverse Flash is revived by negative forces, looking to turn the tables as far as the balance of the universe goes, Eris is nowhere to be found, after Dion (Christian Magby) puts her in the path of Flash lightning.

After Reverse Flash revealed certain mysteries about the Negative Speed ​​Force, which chose him as her avatar, he was placed on the downtown streets with the combined forces of Negative Forces to sew chaos. At the same time, we learn that Eris is still very much alive, and her consciousness is hidden in a time stone. There, she meets Damien Darke (Neil McDonough), who explains that negative forces were using the disease of time as an incubator for the birth of her latest avatar.


The Flash eventually encounters Reverse-Flash along with Meena (Kusar Muhammad) and others and sends him off after absorbing the combined forces of positive forces. The universe resets and Eris is cured of her temporal illness, with Thawne nowhere in the timeline. It seems, finally, that The Flash’s battle with his alter ego is truly over.

In the aftermath of this battle, both Mina and Cecil (Daniel Nicolet) lose their power, although the latter gains a new power – the power of telekinesis. After Tina (Mika Abdullah) is reunited with her original mother Renee (Megan Gardiner), Iris and Barry discuss the fact that the negative force of speed must find a new avatar, because the universe is about balance. And when they do, Team Flash will be ready for them.

You’d probably intervene because the avatar in question is an invisible character voiced by Danielle Panabaker, who stuns Mark Blaine (John Core) when she emerges from the Resurrection Chamber of Consciousness. “Who the hell are you?” He asks, and she replied, “I think he’s a friend.”

Developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Jeff Jones, Sparkle It was renewed for a ninth season in March. Marcus Stokes directed tonight’s finale, from a screenplay by the show Eric Wallace.

Wallace spoke with Deadline before the episode aired to explain the events of the epilogue he’s been driving for years—which he once thought might end the series as a whole. It also touches on the fate of Reverse-Flash, which we’ve heard coming out of Blaine’s chest as he navigates outside of the regular series Jesse L. The Final Show.

Limit: When did you do the idea for SparkleSeason 8 finale crystallized?

Eric Wallace: This is the ending I’ve been driving to literally for several years now. The original idea of ​​the final battle between negative and positive forces [came] Two years ago, when we decided to generate the positive forces at the end of Season 6 and on top of Season 7. So, it’s been taking shape all this time, and we’ve been throwing in a few clues. Like we did, for example, at the end of Season 7, when Speed ​​Force Nora said, “Hey! I just discovered negative forces. I didn’t even know they existed.” It was by giving you a heads up that this was coming.

Limit: Were there any alternative aspects of the ending? Ideas that you explored that weren’t finally reflected?

Jordan Fisher in The Flash


Wallace: No, it came out pretty much as planned. The only thing different is that we weren’t sure how many episodes we might have in Season 8, and we weren’t sure if this would be the last season or not, when we were originally heading towards it. When you watch this episode, there are things about it that you feel truly Final – you know, this ultimate A battle between Bari and Thon. This is because it was originally written to be a potential definitive series. So, I think that gives some weight and drama to the fact, “Okay, this is the final battle between flash and negative reverse flash.”

Limit: However, are we really done with reverse flash?

Wallace: At this point, yes. Negative reverse flash, just like Frost, is dead… Now, that we have said that, we have another season, and I wasn’t expecting it. I am very happy with that. [But] Just because the negative reverse flash is dead doesn’t mean Tom Kavanagh might not appear on the show in some form in Season 9. I guess I can say that without giving any spoilers. [Laughs]

Limit: A few cliffs are introduced in the final moments of Season 8. After Barry and Iris indicate that the negative forces will need to choose a new avatar from now on, Mark Blaine is met with an invisible figure that emerges from the Resurrection Chamber of Consciousness. What can you tell us about what you have prepared here?

Wallace: There are two separate things there. I’ll answer the first thing first, which is the negative speed force avatar… yeah, it’s funny. He says in the episode, as Deon pointed out all the way back in Episode 815, there must be a balance in the universe, which means there must be an avatar for the negative speed force. And since we just saw one death, I’m pretty sure the negative forces must come up with a new idea. The question is who will it be? stay tuned I’m sure you’ll get an answer to that sooner rather than later.

The next thing is, what’s in the box, right? [Laughs] Oh, I won’t tell you that. discipline [for] Season 9 and you’ll instantly discover what’s in the box. The big clue to what’s in the box is the sound. who – which he is Danielle Banabaker’s voice, then some A copy of Danielle Banabaker’s exit from this box. Which one is the question? Let the discussion begin because there are many ways to go.

Limit: We also learn at the end that Cecil now has a new superpower. Tell us about it…

Wallace: Cecil got a telekinesis. We saw that cup fly into her hand. Since we gave her all these superpowers and then took her away because she helped the good side, we wanted to make sure she got a little reward for it, and then we gave her a whole new power. So, in addition to all the awesome mental powers she always had in Seasons 6, 7, and 8, in Season 9, she’ll now also start developing her telekinesis abilities. It’s very exciting.

Limit: What can you tell us, regarding who will all appear in Season 9? Any old and new villains?

Kawthar Muhammad, Jordan Fisher and Jessica Parker Kennedy on The Flash

Bettina Strauss / The CW

WallaceI will now enter the third season of Sparkle Since I don’t know if it’s the latter or not, right? So, I did this at the end of season 7, and then I got an 8. I did it at the end of season 8, and then I got a 9. Now, I’m doing it in season 9 and hopefully I can get a 10. But just in case, get ready for some old familiar faces Very, very bad guys from the past, throughout the entire eight years of the series. You’ll see some old faces come back, and we’ll have some fun – including some very big fan favorites.

Limit: While Jesse L’s exit has been announced. Will he be coming for a few episodes early in the season to wrap up his loose ends?

Wallace: Well, again, I don’t know if this is my last season or not. So we have a specific Jesse story related to him [Joe], Cecile and their family that’s going to happen right out of the gate in the season, and then we’ll play it by ear. But we don’t want Jesse to disappear from the show just because you’re only in five episodes. There’s a way to get him to stay a part of the show and keep the character alive, just in case he wants to come back, quite frankly.

Limit: When do you think you will know if SparkleSeason 9 will be the last?

Wallace: It’s the question I get asked every five minutes. I hope to answer them; I wish I knew. I hope to know by the time we start shooting in the fall. I think this is a fair statement. [Laughs] Stay in touch.

Limit: Where exactly are you with the new season?

Wallace: I just finished the Season 8 finale today to go live on Wednesday. The Season 8 Final is the biggest event we’ve ever tried. There are a lot of special effects. It’s incredible. I enjoyed writing it, and we thought this was going to be a definitive series, so we had this massive, amazing battle between Grant Justin and Tom Kavanaugh. So, it was very difficult to fully realize this and bring it to the screen, but I am happy to say that we did. I’m so excited for people to see it this Wednesday. Then I’m literally taking a few weeks off and not thinking about Season 9 at all. Yes, I know what the end of season nine is already. We have many big bads next year. We will continue to format our graphic novel. Honestly, I don’t know how many episodes I’ve had, so if I get enough episodes we’ll have three graphic novels just like last year. If I get less, I will work accordingly. But there will be at least two graphic novels with at least two separate big bads, one of which is a blast from the past.

Limit: Do you know yet if Season 9 will see any kind of crossover event?

Wallace: I have no feeling yet. This is usually driven by The CW. There are no plans for anything like that at the moment, but I might get a call tomorrow.

Deadline: The Flash will exceed Arrow next season as the longest running Arrowverse series on The CW. What does it mean to you to reach this achievement?

WallaceWe shall be one hundred and eighty-four years old. [one-hundred] Eight five episodes, something like that. crazy thing. Given the climate we live in with short seasons and short orders, it’s honestly a miracle and I’m so proud to be a part of something as special as this. It’s something that we, as writers, producers, directors, and even the studio and network take very seriously. There may not be many shows that get a chance to run over 180 episodes, so this season 9 we’ll be trying to make every single one of them a reality if possible.

Limit: no one potential flash Sub-elements are looked at, at this point?

Wallace: No, because you really don’t start to look at the side effects until you think you won’t come back, and I don’t think that way. [Laughs] Now, having said that, it’s obvious…we’ve played a lot of characters over the past two seasons…I’d say to the audience, if you have some characters that we’ve introduced in the last few years that you want to see in a spin-off, you should write To The CW. But I’ll just stay focused Sparkle Now before I start focusing on anything else.

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