F1 Grand Prix Racing Results: Verstappen wins Canadian GB

Verstappen led the majority of the race, with two interruptions to virtual security cars, which played a major role in the strategy.

But it was a full-fledged defense car that played into the hands of science in the final stages, allowing him to attack Verstopane in the final stages, but he could not find his way past.

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2022 Canadian Grand Prix Race Results

How the Canadian Grand Prix emerged

Verstappen used his goal in the turn 1 run and got there before that Fernando Alonso (Alpine) And Science. Lewis Hamilton Took fourth place Mercedes After a wheel-to-wheel war Kevin Magnussen A few minutes later on Turn 3, Dane caused minor damage to his hose’s right-front wing endplate.

Science placed TRS-Ed Alonso second in the lap 3, with Verstappen already 2.5 seconds ahead.

George RussellMercedes finished fifth in the Harbin, while Magnussen showed the black and orange flag. He banged for a new front wing from sixth at the end of Lap8.

Sergio PerezHis weekend went from bad to worse as he suffered a gearbox malfunction in his Red Bull Lab 8 and caused a virtual security car. Leader Verstappen used tough tires, putting Science and Alonso to run first and second. Hamilton left room for Russell and stopped Estephan O’Connor (Alpine) rejoined in sixth place.

The race resumed 1.5 seconds ahead of Alonso in Lap 10, with Verstappen 4 seconds behind. In the new difficulties, Hamilton pushed Okan to fifth.

Verstappen passed Alonso by second on TRS in Lab 15, but is now 5.5 seconds behind Leader Science.

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Haas lost its second car by points Mick Schumacher Perez was knocked out in Lap 19 at the same spot where Russell knocked down another VSC. Science did the pit after the VSC finished, rejoining in front of Hamilton in third place.

After blocking Hamilton, Science pushed Alonso to second place in Lab 23, and Hamilton also took a tour. Alonso banged in the lap 29, finishing seventh behind Okan and Leclerc.

Leklerk, started 19thTh After an engine change penalty, he started on hard tires and picked up 13 runs through the tailors.Th After 10 rounds.

Then he stood back Alfa Romeo Of Voltaire PotassWas working to overcome Alex AlbanS Williams. But once they stopped fighting, Leklerk was able to get ahead of both and get firm on points.

Leklerk then got stuck behind Ogan, where he was up to Lap 42 – then lost four seats due to a slow stop, putting him in the back of the TRS train at 12.Th Again.

Verstappen banged a second time on Lab 44 and rejoined behind Hamilton in third, but Hamilton only took one lap past him and into the TRS just before the stop.

Science led by 10 runs in 25 overs. By then Leklerk had returned to the points, rising to eighth at the time Yuki Sunoda Keep her AlphaTauri At the exit wall from the pits, a security car is formed.

Science competed for a new Hart, restarting in tires six laps behind Verstappen, and ahead of Hamilton, Russell, Okan, Alonso and Lecklerk in the 16-lap sprint.

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In turn 10, Leklerk overtook Alonso for sixth, then moved to Okan after a couple of rounds for fifth.

At one lap, Science went right over Verstappen’s tail, but the reigning world champion maintained his nerve and his presence.

Hamilton finished third, Russell, Lecklerk, Okan, Alonso, Potas, Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo) and Lance Walk (Aston Martin).

Update: After the match, Alonso was fined 5s for weaving in front of PotosThis pushed him from seventh to ninth.

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