Florida A&M College of Football expects to play its season opener in North Carolina despite eligibility issues

Florida A&M’s football season opener is expected to be played in North Carolina on Saturday even though the 20 Rattlers are either ineligible or have not cleared their cards for the transfer.

A FAMU spokesperson confirmed to ESPN Friday that the team expects to play.

North Carolina coach Mac Brown and Tar Hills school officials told ESPN they expect Saturday’s game to continue. The match is scheduled for 8:15 PM EST (ACC Network).

As of 2:15 p.m. ET, the FAMU team had not taken a flight to Chapel Hill for the game.

Florida A&M coach Willie Simmons told ABC27 in Tallahassee that 20 players are ineligible due to academics or eligibility after the transfer. A spokesperson for the school told ESPN that the team will have eight eligible attack personnel.

Florida A&M is set to take a $450,000 guarantee to play the game, part of a celebration of historic black colleges and universities this week at the United Nations University campus.

“They have some eligibility issues,” a UN Command source told ESPN before making the final decision. “You can’t get on a plane if you’re not certified. They’re meeting up now.

“I think they’re still coming. We weren’t told they weren’t coming. AD and the president told us they were still coming.”

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