Florida State Soccer coach Mike Norville says the Seminoles need to keep improving after their big win over LSU

Florida State Soccer coach Mike Norville wasn’t ready to announce the “return” of his show Monday, a day after an upset 24-23 victory over LSU in New Orleans that reached the last play.

Instead, Norville said in a phone interview with ESPN that his team will simply be back in action.

“That match, it didn’t need to be as close as it was,” Norville said. “We made some mistakes that can cost us, so we learn better from the experience we had last night and start improving. If you want to show your comeback, keep winning every game and getting better every week and with every training. That’s what you have to do. I’m glad our men are excited about the steps we’ve taken. But if we don’t keep taking the steps, none of that matters.”

In post-game interviews, multiplayer – including defensive end Jared Verse and the recipient Ontaria Wilson – He said victory means the return of Florida. It’s easy to understand why they felt this way after a simple emotional triumph. Florida State hasn’t started the season 2-0 since 2016. Last year, the Seminoles started 0-4, including a season opener loss to Notre Dame.

With this season approaching and the third year under Norvell’s leadership, there were many questions about whether the program would finally move into a corner. The victory over LSU definitely showed that this team knows how to win close matches – even when there is an ordeal to overcome.

After recovery a Malik Nabr The ball kick fumbled with two minutes, 15 seconds left on the LSU 8-yard line and held the 24-17 lead, it looked as if the Seminoles were poised to seal the win. But in third place and the goal of LSU 1, Florida called up the field again Trishawn Wardwho fumbled. LSU recovered with 1:20 remaining.

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“Looking back on the past, that clearly wasn’t the best call,” Norville said Monday. “It was not worth the risk and reward.”

LSU drove 99 yards down the field to score a touchdown with no time left. Norville acknowledged “two foundational incidents” in that defensive chain. Florida State sent Block a field goal, and Norville raised one finger, showing that all he had to do was play once.

Florida defensive end Jared Verse He hit a field goal earlier in the game.

Attempting the additional point, LSU focused on the verse, and let Shim Brown For a clear path to block the kick — giving the Seminoles their first win against a non-conference Power 5 opponent since their victory over Florida in 2017. But even if the game had gone into overtime, Norville said he felt his team would have won.

“No matter what was going to happen on that last kick, I thought we’d make it through that match, and I think our guys would rise to the occasion,” Norville said. “But we had another game of organizing. We made the play that was necessary to win.”

Norville described the post-game celebration as “fantastic”. Defensive handling Garrett Jackson Norville lifted into the air.

“It hit me like a cloth doll,” said Norville, laughing. “Just to see the joy. All week we talked about that heart, and whatever it takes, let that identity show.”

Florida State has an open date this week before ACC begins playing on the road in Friday night’s game against Louisville. After all the ordeals this team has overcome over the past five seasons, the last thing Norville wants is for his team to forget what got them to a point where they can win the kind of game they won on Sunday.

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“We’ve been talking from the start – how are you going to respond to success? – because I know that success is coming, and we’re making some of that now,” Norville said. “But in the end, we have to improve, and if we don’t, the things we desire, the things we develop to become, and live the potential that this team, this program has, miss out.”

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