Former employees claim he has been glorifying Hitler dating back at least 7 years

Kanye West Accused of going to pro-Hitler and pro-Nazi rants in the workplace years before his last life Anti-Semitism scandal.

According to new NBC News reportThe rapper, who went by Yi’s side, paid a settlement to a former worker who claimed to have seen him praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis at business meetings. West – which has faced repercussions in recent weeks in the wake of the new anti-Semitic comments – has denied the allegations in the settlement agreement, obtained by the news outlet.

The outlet spoke to that former employee as well as six additional people who worked with West or dealt with him in a professional setting, telling NBC News that they heard West praising Hitler or discussing conspiracy theories about the Jewish people for as long as seven years. Of the six, three were former employees or collaborators and three were present when West confessed his love for the German dictator during his tenure. 2018 TMZ Interview.

Among those who signed up was conceptual artist Ryder Ripps, who worked with West between 2014 and 2018. Ripps, who is Jewish, recalled several occasions when the artist/clothing designer paid tribute to Hitler during meetings.

Seven former employees of Kanye West allege he went to a pro-Hitler rant going back as much as seven years. (Photo: Stefan Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images)

“He told me a bunch of blame about, like, how good the Nazis are at propaganda,” Rips told the outlets. He also mentioned Yi asking, “You’re not upset because, say, I’m interested in Nazis or something?” While referring to a Jewish employee he was. He also claimed that the West repeatedly said, “Jews have symbols.”

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Rip said he would dismiss West’s comments, but did not think they were serious. However, in light of West’s recent anti-Semitic comments, “With this pattern going on and with all this doubling and tripling, this is clearly a kind of weird, disgusting, hate-filled Nazi obsession.”

Another former employee, who has not been identified but has worked with West for three years, said West would randomly say things like, “I even like Hitler,” and then look around the room to see how people reacted. The former employee said that at the 2018 meeting, West said Hitler “had some good qualities” and that he “wasn’t entirely bad”.

Three former TMZ employees recalled West’s comments about the Nazis and Hitler – and talked about the confrontation with a Jewish producer afterward. A former TMZ employee said the only response from West they remember was a smiling “Gold Digger” singer. They claimed that they were instructed by TMZ President Harvey Levine not to post any of West’s anti-Semitic comments on the site.

West’s representative did not comment on the allegations made by NBC News about the report. (West has changed his acting several times over the past few weeks.)

This is the second report of this type of settlement in the past week. last Thursday, CNN She reported that an executive working with West accused him of creating a hostile work environment through “obsession” with Hitler, and also secured a settlement.

The unidentified person told this outlet: “He was praising Hitler by saying how amazing he was that he was able to accumulate so much strength and would talk about all the great things that he and the Nazi Party achieved for the German people.”

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The West has publicly made a series of anti-Semitic statements over the past month – including accusing Jews of committing a “holocaust” against black Americans. It started when West woreEgg lives matter“T-shirt, a slogan associated with white supremacists, to the YZY show at Paris Fashion Week on October 3. Soon after, his Instagram and Twitter accounts were banned after he posted about his intention to go” [sic] 3 con on the Jewish people.”

Reportedly, West’s deal with Adidas was later terminated It costs $2 billion. The Civil Aviation Authority dropped him as a clientBalenciaga Cut the relationships Gap hurried with him to remove products from his previous deal from stores. His music streams and broadcasts took his landingand his Donda Academy closed. He was defiant amid business cancellations, saying, “We’re here, baby. We’re not going anywhere.”

West, who has bipolar disorder, continues to bang his drums on social media. Three days ago, he posted a picture of American basketball player Keri Irving in the Brooklyn Nets, who recently promoted the antisemitic film, Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America. the West Irving praised, writing, “There are still some real people here.” However, on the final day, Irving apologized for the “negative impact of my position on the Jewish community” and made a $500,000 donation “to causes and organizations that work to eliminate hate and intolerance in our communities.” His team is second to none.

West’s post praising Irving for his support of the anti-Semitic film still stands.

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