Friend says Mead Lough lived ‘Very Rock Star Life’, laments Govt controversy over death

Beef in one of Meat Loaf’s puff buds as Rock Star’s death dragged on In the Kovit-19 Cultural War.

“It’s painful to see him being used as a political tool,” Mark Lopliner told The Post. The bodybuilder and high school wrestling coach lives next door to the Rock Star in Brentwood, Den.

Lopliner Appeared In the 2016 Fox TV series “American Grid” debut season with John Cena.

“We do not have to push him in this whole battle of the left and the right. He’s not vaccinated against the vaccine. I’m free, so I’m indifferent, but what happens to his name … it’s disgusting.

Mead Lough, a former band member of Tom Brislin, recalled being a complete showman.

The pianist and keyboardist, who co-starred with Meat Loaf during his last major tour in 2016, “taught the entire band to play not only in the front row, but up to the nose-sized seats. He wanted everyone to leave with the same incredible feeling.

Lopliner says he was unwell for at least a month before the rock star died.
Keystone / Halton Archive / Getty Images

Mead Lough, born Marvin Lee Adois in Dallas in 1947, died this week at the age of 74. It is said to be a “serious disease” With Govt a few days before he died.

“People should not conclude that Govt was responsible for the death of Mead Lof,” Lopliner said. “He’s 74, he has lived a very rock star life, and I hope he loved every minute of it.”

“Paradise by the Dashboard Light” A few weeks after Grooner’s injury he did not see Meat Loaf.

“I think he was unwell for some time like November and December. He had a back injury.

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Mark Lopliner
Lopliner was a householder next to Meat Lop and talked highly of him.
Fox Image Collection by Getty I.

The friend really liked the picture of him and the actor He shared On Instagram this week. Loebliner shows off his chiseled belly and pegs dressed as the Roman god, while Meat Lof appears to have been dramatically reduced from the successful days of his swollen 1970s “Bad Out of Hell”.

“He was always energetic with a big smile on his face,” Lopliner wrote. “The life of any party.”

Priscilla was amazed at Meat Lope’s athletic ability for such a great man.

“He saw every concert as a big game,” the musician said. “Before every show we had a buzz like a football game.”

Meat bread
Lopliner Mead Lof also called it “the life of any party.”
Bruce Glycos / Wire Image

Both want Meat Loaf to be remembered not for the way he died, but for the way he lived.

“Let his friends and family celebrate his 74th birthday, as a young man, singing and chanting ‘I will do anything for love.’

“Let’s celebrate the man he is. We celebrate the beautiful music he brought to the world and the joy and laughter he brought to everyone he met.

“Mead Lough had a great sense of humor,” Brislin said. “He was funny too and did not take himself too seriously. I was shocked to hear that he took his job seriously. (He’s dead). He will be missed.

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