Halsey fans who drowned in Maryland waters showing flooding are canceled

When something hits you, it can get worse.

Unfortunately for some drowned Halsey fans, the pop singer’s show was canceled due to severe flooding at the venue.

In the beginning, at 7 pm The offer is delayed but definitely canceled Despite a sea of ​​party-goers waiting patiently in Columbia, Maryland, torrential rain Wednesday night.

Water flowed onto the stands and flooded the ground, as shown on Twitter by Halsey fans who can be heard screaming in the videos.

“There’s no way this Halsey Maryland show is as real as WHAT,” One person tweeted, who posted a clip in the front row of the place as the water flowed – and the rodents took to the stage. One of the videos shows a security guard kicking a rat into the flooded area between the stage and the crowd, who scream as the pest swims away and turns the place into a moat.

Halsey’s show turned into a nightmare for fans with terrifying floods, videos of screaming and rodents crawling everywhere.

Other clips showed a series of water cascading through the stands and off the roof, dripping down unsuspecting fans in the crowd. However, some people Get the most out From the unfortunate situation on the Internet.

“Team Halsey did their best with the special effects for this tour,” another user joked, View of the waterfall caused by rain.

“Are you going to a Halsey party or a pool party?” make fun of someone else.

Halsey took to Instagram live to explain the situation and deal with the weather, saying she is traveling with the help of weather experts who have advised there will be some rain that is “supposed to pass”. But some “unexpected” weather conditions “immediately become dangerous”.

Local authorities advised having shelter and not evacuating due to the potential for a stampede and uncertainty about how dangerous the weather could become.

in the sectionwhich was recorded by Halsey’s fan account and posted on Twitter in two partsThe singer described that she “made the decision” to keep her fans safe.

“I just want everyone to be safe,” she said, “I am literally heartbroken.”

I then promised to reschedule the show tweet later Apologizing to her fans in Maryland, saying she panicked and that “I love you guys more than anything.”

“I really want to add that I am very disappointed with the way the place handled everything tonight and that my rescheduling is going to happen elsewhere,” “The Hurricane” The singer tweeted next. “I hear you guys loud and clear I promise.”

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