Hector Garcia Trope shocked by Chris Colbert’s victory in WBA Eliminator

Hector Garcia took advantage of the opportunity of his life on Saturday night.

The 130-pound rival Chris Colbert was largely unknown to the underprivileged after he defeated a Brooklyn native who won a 12-round unanimous decision at the main event of The Showcase from The Chelsea inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Colbert (16-1, 6 KOs) never handled the pressure or body piercing of the Dominican Southpaw well.

Judges Dave Moratti (118-109), Patricia Morse German (119-108) and Steve Weissfield (118-109) all gave Garcia clear recognition for his work, including the seventh round knockdown.

Garcia’s confidence never faltered as he stabbed Colbert in the head and body in a completely unilateral fight. Caesars Sportsbook lists Colbert 22-1 ahead of Garcia, who was late to replace WBA champion Roger Guterres.

The 30-year-old Garcia (15-0, 10 KOs, 3 NC), 2016 Olympian for the Dominican Republic, had more than 300 amateur fights. His experience during his second television fight in the United States was as clear as his toughness.

“When I was told three weeks ago that I was going to take on this fight, I saw in my eyes that my life was going to change,” Garcia told Jim Gray of the show through the translator. “So, I have to come in my best form.”

Garcia has excelled in his career without his head coach Ismail Salas. At OVO Hydro, Josh Taylor-Jack Gatter headed in assistant coach Bob Santos Garcia as head coach as he traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, to place two-time Olympic gold medalist Robeisy Ramirez in the third round on the undercard Eric Donovan.

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I owe a lot to Professor Ismail Salas, who gave me the confidence to say, “You can win this fight,” Garcia added.

Garcia took this fight in less than three weeks. Guterres had to fight with Colbert Guterres for the WBA World Super Featherweight title, but Guterres signed with COVID-19 during training and withdrew from mandatory title defense.

Colbert-Garcia was in an elimination match, so Garcia expects to challenge Argentina’s Guttierez (26-3-1, 20 KOs) in their next fight.

Colbert graciously gave Garcia the credit for his achievement.

“I want to thank everyone who came here to support me,” Colbert said. “Sorry I cheated on you, but tonight he’s a great man. I will accept my failures as I accept them. [wins], As a human being. I raise my head and want to run it again. We’ll do it again. “

To justify his first defeat, Colbert would not use the right-handed fighter to delay shifting opponents from the south.

“No no no. It’s not a reduction, it’s nothing,” Colbert said. “This is no excuse. I take my failures the same way I take my successes. Tonight he is the best man. Let’s run it again.

With the knockout required, Colbert tried to bang with Garcia as soon as the 12th round started. Garcia’s power made him think twice about the tactic and forced Colbert to stay away from him.

Apparently forward in points, Garcia knocked down Colbert throughout the 11th round on one side. Colbert sometimes deviated from him, and he clearly had to attack the opponent who was present in the points.

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Referee Kenny Pales advised Colbert to push Garcia out of the 10th round for 35 seconds. Garcia’s straight left corner makes Colbert 1:35 in the 10th round.

Colbert stopped Garcia more than a minute into the 10th round. Garcia then dropped a compound when Colbert trailed in a corner.

During the eighth round Colbert snatched Garcia with his right hand, but Garcia took it well. It provided some evidence that Colbert would fight hard not to fail.

After sending Colbert to the canvas during the seventh round, Garcia beat him again in the eighth round. Garcia unleashed power punches to the head and body in the eighth round when he backed up a game, hitting Colbert with a rope and hitting him.

Garcia punched Colbert two jumps in the seventh round with a time remaining over 1:40. In the seventh round he struck Colbert on the back with Garcia’s left hand at 1:15.

By the time Palace was five, Colbert had risen from the first knockdown of his career. When he resumed action he was caught and moved towards the bell to finish the round, but not before Garcia landed two more hard spots.

Colbert’s opposite right hand landed early in the sixth round. In the sixth round Colbert stepped back and pushed Garcia forward.

Garcia hit hard shots on Colbert’s head and body. With 30 seconds to go in the sixth round, he stopped Calbert with his left hand.

Garcia pulled Colbert straight up to the left rope in 25 seconds on the fifth round clock. The man behind Colbert had his way in that round when Colbert retreated on the rope, although Colbert won early in the fifth when he had action in the middle of the ring.

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Aggressive Garcia pressed Colbert throughout the fourth round, who continued to throw body shots and subsequently moved Colbert backwards. Colbert shook him forward, but clearly had difficulty handling Garcia’s physical work and function.

Colbert stood his ground again and slacked out with Garcia in the third round. Garcia missed several attempts by Colbert, but he still held Colbert in his body.

With about 35 seconds to go in the third round, Colbert pierced Garcia to the right of his body. In the final 10 seconds of the third round Garcia landed straight to the left, which bounced off Colbert with his right hand.

Colbert stood with Garcia throughout the second round and traded, but Garcia did better again in those three minutes. Garcia followed Colbert’s body and caught Colbert by the right hook at the end of the second round.

Garcia came down from a hard spot on Colbert’s body and then caught him with a hard jab in the opening minute of the first round. Garcia hit Colbert on the left side of his body in the first round.

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