Hideo Kojima appears during the Xbox stream to tease an ad

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Today, during Microsoft’s big video game show event on Xbox and Bethesda, acclaimed game director and movie buff Hideo KojimLooks like he’s announced that he’s working with Xbox on his next game, and uh…nations…

Microsoft spent nearly an hour today showing countless teasers and trailers For a laundry list of video games, most of which come to Game Pass. everything from Diablo IV New historical puzzle game from obsidian to VampiresAnd the carsand even some starfield Play! It was a solid show. But stuck in the middle of it was the moment Hideo Kojima appeared.

Rumors persisted that Kojima would be working with Xbox on a new game and today those rumors were confirmed. But ah, hardly.

“There’s a game I’ve always wanted to make,” Kojima said via text translation. “It’s a brand new game that no one has ever seen or tried. I’ve waited too long for the day I can finally start creating it. Thanks to Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud technology and a change in industry direction, it’s now possible to challenge myself to make this concept that’s never been before instance.

“It may take some time, but I look forward to collaborating with Xbox Game Studios and hope to bring you some exciting news in the future!”

And the…This is it! There is no information about what kind of game it will be, what platforms, name or even code name…nothing!

It’s almost impressive how little Kojima’s post is to be able to make an appearance during today’s show. I search online, it worked. People are already speculating about why Kojima has had to wait so long and what he might use cloud technology in his new game. And of course, online fans, caught up in a never-ending console war, are already using the theme to fuel the next round of forum wars and bickering on Twitter as they prove how much they love their plastic consoles and brands.

Microsoft also made a big deal About how all the games shown today during the event will be released within the next twelve months. Despite this, it seems unlikely that any project Kojima and his team are working on will crash before June 12, 2023. It’s possible that Xbox won’t count this project because no game has actually been shown, but this type of cheat looks like a cheat.

Kotaku Contact Xbox about Kojima and whether it will be released in the next 12 months.

One day, I also hope to be so famous and loved that I can appear Kotaku Promise a great blog or review with a few quick words and a smile. But that day has yet to come, which is why I just read 464 words.

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