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horrible story Resident Evil Village 8 Connect with a new hero in Resident Evil 8 Village DLC Expansion,. Play as a teenage Rose Winters, who struggles to find a way to unleash the cursed powers of her connection to mildew.

The Resident Evil 8 Village “Winter Expansion” with Shadows of Rose DLCIt will be available for download at October 28, 2022 in 21:00 PDT / 0:00 EST. On this page of IGN’s Resident Evil 8 Village wikiWe guide you How to start Shadows of Rose DLC And the Access to the special street zee wolf Included in Winters’ pre-ordered expansion pack.


How to access Shadows of Rose DLC

To unlock Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil 8 Village, head over to Your console store page and search for “Winter Expansion”. Purchase and download “Winters’ Expansion” content. Once you download the content, Resident Evil 8 Village launched.

If the installation is successful, you should see a message that the Winters expansion, the following game mode, and additional games have been added:

  • third person mode
  • Additional mercenary orders
  • shades of roses

Once you find yourself in the main menu of Resident Evil 8 Village, go to “Rewards” The option is near the bottom of the menu.

You will find Shadows of Rose DLC under the file “Additional Games” section of the rewards list. Choose shades of roses To access the start menu of Shadows of Rose DLC mode. Head over to the Shadows of Rose DLC page for a guide.


How to equip a street wolf costume

If you pre-purchase the Winter’s Expansion package, you will also have access to Rose Street Wolf Outfit For Shadow of Rose DLC.

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To equip the Rose’s Street Wolf Outfit, start Shadows of Rose from the rewards menu. Inside the Shadows of Rose start menu, select “private”.

In the special menu, you can choose to outfit Rose’s default “Father’s Jacket” outfit, or a Street Wolf Outfit. Select the outfit you’d like Rose to wear during the Resident Evil 8 Village Shadows of Rose DLC.

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