I-80 closes in Sierra, snow hits low altitude

Rain and sleet continue over Christmas weekend in Northern California.

Officials have encouraged mountaineering in the Sierra and recommend that if you go, be prepared for chain restrictions and traffic delays.

Notices of traffic conditions are here:

According to Caltrans, Highway 50 traffic at the Myers and Echo Summit in El Dorado County was held due to multiple spinouts. Authorities have warned motorists that this could lead to further delays.

Interstate 80 is closed from Golfbox in Blazer County to the Nevada State Line due to whiteout conditions, Caltrans said.

According to Caldrans District 10, State Route 88 heading east into the Carson Spur area in Amador County has been closed for avalanche control. Reopening time not calculated.

Weather forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday here:

Our weather team says there will be several hours of wet weather in the valley on Saturday and the situation will improve later in the afternoon. Snowfall intensifies in the mountains until noon and evening.

The snow level has dropped to about 4,000 feet and will continue to move through Saturday night.

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Chance of rain after sunset and until Sunday morning.

Expect more rain and snow at lower altitudes on Sunday afternoon.

Snowfall can reach up to about 1,000 feet overnight on Sunday and until Monday.

Snowfall of about 2,500 feet and above from Sunday to Monday will be a major concern. The weather team of KCRA3 declares Monday as Weather Warning Day because of the possibility of wind gusts and low snow power outages.

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