Instagram Stories glitch forces repeat viewing

Instagram Stories seems to be misbehaving for some users, causing them to have to re-view all of someone’s Stories before they can see new Stories. This issue has affected many edge Staff since yesterday, and Some Reddit users have reported The same thing happens to them.

Meta spokeswoman Kristen Bay said the edge In an email, the company “recognizes that some people are having trouble accessing Instagram Stories.” Bae said Instagram is “working to get things back to normal ASAP,” and apologizes for the inconvenience.

The root problem seems to be that Instagram doesn’t remember where you left off when viewing someone’s stories. For example, if one of my friends posts five stories, and I look at four of them before swiping away, the next time I tap their icon, should See their fifth story. Instead, Instagram is currently making me go back through the four I’ve already seen every time I go to see a story. The problem also appears when someone posts a new story to their feed.

It is currently unknown how many users are affected. there Abundance From People on me Twitter Reporting that they have to re-watch Stories, but Instagram isn’t going as well as I would expect if a major feature of it is broken for everyone.

Update June 14, 6:24 PM ET: Added statement from a Meta spokesperson.

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