Jamie Lee Curtis talks about Lindsay Lohan’s relationship

“I’m just happy that she’s happy.”

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Of course, Jamie played Lindsay’s mother in the 2003 movie Friday is terrible. Since then, Jamie says she stays in touch with both the crew and Lindsay after nearly two decades.

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When I Googled this, I honestly thought the movie came out in 2007 – but it turns out I’m old (like a crypto keeper).

Talking to the people About whether she saw Lindsay’s Super Bowl ad, Jamie said, “I did! I’m glad she’s happy.”

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She continued, “She is a great talent.” “She had a lot on her plate at a very young age. She seems to be settling into a really happy home life – she’s engaged.”

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Lindsey announce She was engaged to Badr Shammas in November. It looks like they’ve been together for over two years, and they both live in Dubai.

“We’re in touch, and the fact that she can make fun of herself a little bit… We can all make fun of ourselves, believe me!”

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She concluded, “Showing business is so hard, being in front of the tabloid is so hard, it’s really brutal. May God bless her.”

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A few days ago, Netflix announce They have signed a deal with Lindsay for three films – including a holiday rom-com Falling in Christmaswhich is due to be released later this year.

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Anyway, I’m going to have an existential crisis freaky friday I left two decades ago…

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