January 6 Committee News – Latest: Trump Cancels Annual Speech as Sean Hannitty’s Speeches Revealed

Liz Cheney says Trump ignored Ivanka’s calls to end the Capitol riots

Donald Trump has canceled a scheduled Jan. 6 press conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to mark the one-year anniversary of the attack on the Capitol by his supporters.

The former president accused the “fake media” and the House committee investigating the attack of being “completely biased and dishonest,” which leaked several text messages from Fox News personality Sean Hannity to then-president’s chief executive Mark Meadows. In the days surrounding the attack.

Documents recently released by the group reveal how the former president’s allies planned a campaign to intimidate election officials and spread voter fraud lies, while another called for the capture of “evidence” in service of his false claims that provoked the attack. Fake attempt to change election results.

In recent weeks, the panel has accelerated its investigation into alleged conspiracy theories against Mr Trump in the 2020 presidential election and the violent attempt to reject the vote of millions of Americans.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will present comments marking the one-year anniversary of the attack. At the Capitol, lawmakers will conduct a memorial service.

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Trump says he expects a ‘big crowd’ in Arizona on January 15

He said he expects a “big crowd” at his next appearance on January 15 in Arizona after Donald Trump canceled a press conference he was scheduled to address on the anniversary of the Capitol Hill riots.

He continued: “What is becoming more and more clear to everyone is that LameStream Media will not report the fact that Nancy Pelosi and Capitol Sergeant-at-Arms have denied the request that the DC National Guard or the Army be on the Capitol. Will not ask, or report the truth!

Several Republican leaders said it was not a good idea for Trump to cancel the press conference.

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From QAnon Shaman to the Zip-Die Boy: The Most Notable Capitol Rebels and What Happened to Them

The names and faces of some of the more than 700 people arrested in connection with the Capitol uprising stand out. The IndependentAndrew Natty catches their cases:

Alex Woodward5 January 2022 04:00


Too toxic, too hard ‘: January 6 How the House broke down

The January 6 riots are an attack on democracy, undermining the democratic process.

But Capitol Hill is the office that serves 435 members of Congress, five non-voting representatives, 100 senators and thousands of staff, from experienced professionals to interested recent college graduates and coaches.

The IndependentEric Garcia talks about how this attack broke the House:

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Memorable pictures of the Capitol riots

During the attack and its aftermath, some viral images disappeared into the national memory.

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‘It will leave a scar’: Capital police and staff still shocked a year after January 6

For the past few weeks, The Independent ‘S Andrew Feinberg spoke With several employees who survived and worked through the attack. Their message was united, loud and clear: they were not right, and they were afraid that what happened that day might happen again.

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Joe Biden shared the ‘truth’ of the January 6 riots during his one-year closing speech

President Biden will address the historic significance of the January 6 uprising during a speech from the Capitol Statue Hall on Thursday.

Prior to the speech, White House spokesman Jen Psi suggested that the president was going to “speak the truth about what happened” instead of “spreading lies” about the attack, as many GOP figures continue to underestimate the attack.

The White House says Biden will speak the ‘truth’ on January 6

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Three Washington Republican lawmakers use public funds to attend Mike Lindell’s Cyber ​​Symposium

According to a recent report, three Washington state Republican lawmakers attended a 2020 election conspiracy conference hosted by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

The Seattle Times State Representatives Robert Sutherland, Vicky Croft and Brad Clipper reportedly traveled to South Dakota to attend Mr Lindell’s “Cyber ​​Symposium”, a three-day conspiracy that Fox News refused to air.

Three Republican lawmakers have demanded a total of $ 4,361 from the state legislature for their trip.

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The Capitol Police Chief says there is ‘no major concern’ in the DC area ahead of the January 6 anniversary

On the anniversary of the January 6 attack, the head of the U.S. Capitol Police did not expect any major disturbances near the Capitol.

Meanwhile, the company collected 9,600 credible threats to members of Congress in 2021, which is steadily rising each year, the chief manager says. In 2020, the agency announced 8,000.

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Masked figure, ammunition bag and human hunt turned cold: DC pipe bomber’s mystery

Despite the staggering number of arrests related to the Capitol riots, despite adequate surveillance footage, at least one person was able to avoid federal law enforcement.

Craig Graciosi talks with retired FBI agent John Ianarelli about the mystery of the suspected pipe bomber who planted a pair of explosives outside the national headquarters of the Republican Party and Democrats the night before Jan. 6.

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Read the text messages Sean Hannity sent to Mark Meadows

The House Select Committee to Investigate the Capitol Riots sent a letter on January 4 to Fox News personality Sean Hannitti asking him to cooperate with the investigation.

According to the committee, Mr Hannitti had “advance knowledge” of the January 6 plans established by Trump and his legal team.

“It appears that you have expressed concerns about that planning and are offering advice to the President and some White House staff,” the letter said. “You were in touch during the riots and in the days that followed. These communications make you a true witness in our investigation.

The panel also suggested that Mr Hanniti may have spoken directly with the former president on January 5 and January 10.

Read the news in the group’s letter here:

Alex Woodward5 January 2022 00:15

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