January. Group 6 seeks an interview with Jim Jordan, a close ally of Trump

WASHINGTON – The House Committee on Capital Assault on Wednesday asked Ohio’s Representative Jim Jordan to sit down with its investigators for a panel to examine the role of members of Congress in the latest attempt to undermine 2020. Election.

Of the group Mr. Letter to Jordan, Former President Donald J. Trump’s ally says investigators want to question him about his communications about the Capitol riots. Mr. Mr. Trump, along with his legal team and others involved in planning the Jan. 6 rally. News of Jordan and Joseph R. Includes congressional objections to certifying Biden Jr.’s victory.

“We understand that you had at least one or more contact with President Trump on January 6,” Mississippi Democrats and committee chairman Benny Thompson wrote in the letter. “We would like to discuss every such relationship with you in detail.”

Mr. from the Republican Party. Jordan Deep involvement Mr. to fight the election results. Attempts by Trump. In November 2020 at the Trump campaign headquarters in Arlington, W., & a Meeting at the White House Last December, Republican lawmakers discussed plans to use the Jan. 6 congressional joint session with the president’s committee to challenge the election results.

On January 5, Mr. Jordan, Mr. He sent a text message to Trump’s chief executive, Mark Meadows, outlining the legal strategy for changing the election from a lawyer and former Pentagon inspector general.

“On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as Speaker of the Senate, shall, under the guidance of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and, as a matter of judicial precedence, call for all unconstitutional election votes, which are unconstitutional. , ”The text read.

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On January 6, Mr. Talking to Trump, Mr. Jordan agreed, He said he did not remember how many times they spoke that day or when the calls came.

During the riots, Mr. The panel is particularly interested in what Trump was doing, Mr. Thompson said he noted it had already been received. Evidence that “the president was watching a television broadcast of the attack from his personal dining room” before his legal team resumed its attempt to “delay or block the election count.”

He said the panel would like to ask Jordan on January 6 about any discussions that could include a presidential pardon for those involved in any aspect. Thompson said.

Liz Cheney, Wyoming Republican Representative and Vice Chair of the Committee, January. For 6 events Mr. Jordan has been described as a “material witness.” Mr. Jordan has said he is considering cooperating with the group. Requests, however, he also called the group “hurt.”

Mr. “I have nothing to hide,” Jordan told the rules committee in November. Thompson noted.

Despite telling the House Force on Jan. 6 that “Americans instinctively know something is wrong with this election,” Mr. Jordan said the election was never called a rig.

Mr. A Jordanian spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the congressman noted the letter, which appeared in Fox News on Wednesday evening.

“We just got the letter today,” he said. Jordan said. “We are going to review the letter.” He added that he had “real concerns” about the group and that it had misrepresented the documents when presenting evidence to the public.

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In January, Mr. The group was asked to plan Jordan’s interview and offered to travel to Ohio to conduct it.

Mr. A day after Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania close to Jordan, Mr. The letter came to Jordan. Rejected a voluntary meeting with the group, Calls the group “illegal.”

“I reject the demands of this organization and I will continue to fight against the failures of the radical left who want to divert attention from the terrible failures of crushing inflation, the humiliating surrender in Afghanistan and the terrible crisis they have created on our borders,” he said. Perry, incumbent leader of the Ultra-Conservative House Freedom Caucasus, Wrote on Twitter On Wednesday.

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The committee is reluctant to offer saponins to current members of Congress, citing the respect and esteem that legislators in the House should show to each other. But Mr. Thompson has promised to take that action if needed.

The group aims to gather evidence from members of Congress through a voluntary process, but will consider strong action if they refuse, aides to the group said.

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