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Jason Mews recently opened up about his drug addiction over the years and shared a particularly sad story that involved his best friend, a filmmaker. Kevin Smith.

Currently sober for 11 years, the actor spoke candidly about his fight in the last episode of Ride Steve or Wild! Audio notation.

Mewes is best known for appearing in several Smith films as half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob. Mewes played his character for the first time in clerksSmith’s 1994 black and white comedy that started his career.

By Mewes’ account, Smith likely saved his life by forcing him to recover multiple times, both for his health and even appearing in Smith’s films, including creed And the Jay And the silent Bob strike behindamong other things.

Says donkey Star Steve-O, fellow Recovering An addict, hit rock bottom multiple times, one moment, in particular, popped, which was the Thanksgiving years.

“I remember him sitting in front of his house, crying ‘I want to let you in, but the whole family is here,’” said Meuse. “And I was wearing a tank shirt, and I had the track marks. And he’s like, “I can’t see them like that.” And I’m like, “Can’t I come over for a plate of Thanksgiving dinner?” And he’s like, “You can’t. Here, I’m going to get you some food. That was the first time I’d been awake for a while.”

Mews explained that Smith never judged him or made him feel inferior during his suffering. Mews said Smith would also pay for the treatment, explaining that his friend just wanted him to clean up and be part of the family.

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“All the trouble I’ve had, I’ve had Kevin’s support and I know that made a huge difference to the outcome of everything,” said Meuse.

Watch the full segment below.

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