JetBlue fleet service workers demand union vote

JetBlue passenger plane (Embraer 190) taxis at LaGuardia Airport in New York, New York.

Robert Alexander | Photo archive | Getty Images

The association of major airlines said Friday that it has enough support between JetBlue AirwaysNearly 3,000 fleet service employees to get a union vote, in the latest move to organize workers.

The International Machinists and Space Workers Association said it would submit a request for a union vote to the National Mediation Board. The working group includes baggage handlers and other ground operations personnel.

A vote for it could create the third largest union working group at the New York-based airline. JetBlue’s pilots and flight attendants are already unionized. It will come during a wave of union votes across companies from Amazon to me Starbucks.

A vote can also be taken as JetBlue tries to acquire a low-cost airline Spirit Airlineswhere unions account for more than 80% of employees, compared to 46% at JetBlue, according to the company’s annual filings.

“IAM has sufficient interest among JetBlue Fleet Service workers to hold a union representation election,” the union said in a statement.

JetBlue did not immediately comment on the IAM statement.

Most of the major airline workers are already represented by unions, although some airlines like JetBlue are lower than some competitors.

Delta Airlines It is the largest US airline and most of its workers are not unionized, despite the 2019 CWA Flight Attendants Association. Launch a union campaign A flight attendant for the Atlanta-based airline. Flight attendants had previously refused to join unions.

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