JIMMY GAROPOLO INJURY UPDATE: The 49ers QB is out for the 2022 season with a broken foot; rookie Brock Purdy to take over

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The 49ers He switched to Jimmy Garoppolo early in the season after initial starter Trey Lance suffered a season-ending ankle injury. Now, they’re turning to rookie Brock Purdy after Garoppolo suffered a season-ending injury in Week 13 vs. dolphins. After taking a sack on San Francisco’s first drive for the win on Sunday, Garoppolo was seen favoring his lower body on the sidelines, then visited the medical tent before being taken to the locker room. Purdy replaced him for the remainder of the game.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan announced immediately after the game that Garoppolo had fractured his foot and would require surgery that would sideline him for the remainder of 2022. Garoppolo was enjoying one of the most productive seasons of his career at the 49er. 49ers atop the NFC West. However, his injury history was reportedly one of the main reasons San Francisco sought Lance as a potential long-term starter. Now, he is suddenly back in the spotlight.

The 49ers quickly moved on Sunday night, Signed by veteran Josh Johnson From the Broncos’ practice squad, according to ESPN. Johnson appeared in four games last year with the Jets and the Ravens. The 49ers also include Jacob Eason on their coaching staff and it appears he will be next as a backup to Purdy.

Purdy, selected with the final selection of the 2022 NFL Championship from Iowa, was the only other active QB on the 49ers roster when he took over on Sunday. Lance is on injured reserve, and former reserve Nate Sudfeld was released as part of final roster cuts over the summer. Purdy took over with the 49ers trailing 7-3 but led San Francisco to a touchdown drive on his first possession, finishing 25-of-37 for 210 yards, and 1 interception in the team’s 33-17 victory.

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This isn’t the first time Garoppolo has finished a season early due to an injury. He previously missed most of the 2018 and 2020 seasons with a torn ACL and sprained ankle, respectively.

CBS Sports statistician Stephen Oh ran the numbers, and here’s how the 49ers’ prospects are changing with Purdy at quarterback. As Oh pointed out, the withdrawal is meaningful but not nearly what you’d expect when “Mr. Irelevant” is replaced by “Mr.

w/ Jimmy Garoppolo 11.3 66.5% 73.4% 99.1% 21.7% 10.8%
w/ Brooke Purdy 11.0 64.7% 68.7% 98.5% 17.8% 8.1%
difference -0.3 -1.8% -4.7% -0.6% -3.9% -2.7%

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