Jubilee Concert: Prince Charles takes the stage at the BBC celebration

The Queen withdrew from the Thanksgiving service due to ‘discomfort’ at the Jubilee celebrations

Queen’s Platinum Festival a High quality concert Saturday evening (June 4).

Palace Kick hosted by the BBC as part of the Platinum Party of many famous musicians and bands.

Twenty-two thousand people will attend the event, including 10,000 civilians who won tickets in the referendum that ended on March 23.

More than 7,500 tickets were reserved for key workers, members of the armed forces, volunteers and charities.

Below you will find all the details about how to watch the concert, full updates on the event – and updates on other Jubilee events Here.


“God save our queen” follows Chikala and Ella Ire.

Louis Sildon4 June 2022 22:13


Charles and Camila are on stage now. Lord Cambridge addresses the crowd.

The first formal recognition of the presence of the elephant in the room – the Queen’s unfortunate absence.

He’s making a crack about “It’s Coming Home” … No one clearly saw the Hungarian game tonight.

Prince Charles at the Jubilee Concert


Louis Sildon4 June 2022 22:08


Another little dig about the Prime Minister from Stephen Fry standing in front of a huge union flag. There is nothing more British than this …

Louis Sildon4 June 2022 22:04


Like the landscape before him, John is shown in front of Buckingham Palace, which actually looks very majestic in a wide shot.


Louis Sildon4 June 2022 22:02


More compliments including David Beckham, Judy Dench and Elton John, he is now directing a version of “Your Song” on video.

Louis Sildon4 June 2022 22:00


Following this, Celeste sings, “What a wonderful world.” Very serious re-interpretation, I think!

Louis Sildon4 June 2022 21:54


Prince William is out now, after a heartfelt (pre-recorded) pat on the back from his grandmother for his work in the field of environmental issues.

He performs the text. Glad to retire from unrepentant concerts.

Prince William on stage at the Jubilee Concert


Louis Sildon4 June 2022 21:52


Ballet dancers go into the theme Earth, Landscapes are displayed in front of Buckingham Palace. I can not say I know what to do with everything.

Louis Sildon4 June 2022 21:46


David Attenborough is now on display in the palace building. I think if we elect our heads of state by a referendum tomorrow, Attenborough will have a good chance of becoming king.

Louis Sildon4 June 2022 21:44


The keys to giving what should be one of the best shows of the night.

Louis Sildon4 June 2022 21:41

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