Kentucky declares state of emergency after powerful storm | Kentucky

Only after three weeks Deadly hurricane A state of emergency has been declared again in Hopkinsville, including a possible hurricane, after powerful storms caused flash floods, power outages and property damage that tore through Kentucky.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths, but Governor Andy Bessier declared a state of emergency Saturday. Kentucky And West Virginia under flood warning. Areas in eastern Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were under hurricane surveillance.

The storm comes as the state is still recovering from a hurricane that tore through the region in December, killing more than 90 people in five states, including 77 in Kentucky.

The Kentucky governor’s office said water recovery and several roads in the southern and central parts of the state were closed due to flash floods.

Heavy rain is expected throughout most of Kentucky throughout the day, with the subsequent cold being likely to complicate emergency response efforts.

In the southwestern Kentucky city of Hopkinsville, several city businesses were damaged by a potential hurricane. WTVF-TV reported that a family dollar shop had been vandalized and thrown into a park on the roof street of the Marathon gas station. The station said the roofs of other nearby buildings were damaged and several power lines fell down.

According to the governor’s office, another possible hurricane touched down in Taylor County in the center of the state, where several homes were damaged.

“It is devastating that a few weeks after the deadly hurricane that hit western Kentucky we are experiencing severe weather again. Unfortunately, some districts have been affected by both of these events,” Bessier said in a statement.

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