Leader CB William Jackson III wants a fresh start, and can be traded out of DC before the deadline

William Jackson III He wants a fresh start, preferably with a scheme he thinks suits him best.

Sources say the former big-ticket free agent’s back corner will want a new home, and leaders have engaged in active business talks centered around it in hopes of making it happen. Sources said there is interest in Jackson from several teams.

With the NFL’s November 1 trading deadline looming, Jackson will likely be traded well before then.

while Washington Play Tonight, Jackson did not take a trip to Chicago.

He was included in this week’s Leaders Training Report due to a back injury. Jackson was a former key back and starter, who was pulled early last week from the Leaders Club. 17-21 loss to the titans.

Asked after the Week 5 match, head coach Ron Rivera said about Jackson’s decision to sit down, he said, “We just decided to make a change…we make decisions based on the progress of the match.”

Jackson told reporters he had a back injury.

“I’m fighting for my teammates, but you know, things happen,” the cornerback said last Sunday. “It seems like it’s better to let someone else in.”

Once a major cog in Leaders High, Jackson isn’t specifically frustrated with the team.

Instead, he considers himself more of a man-to-man in the corner, and Washington has run a lot of territory so far. When Jackson signed, he envisioned himself as a true closing corner, covering the team’s highest future.

It didn’t work out that way.

Now, Jackson could find himself with a new home.

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