Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine

punishment Penalties will never stop Russian missiles, tanks and bombs. But the Biden administration hopes to offer an early advantage in the first confrontation of the new and dangerous twenty-first century in the Cold War.

Hours after Moscow launched it Invasion of UkraineThe United States has drawn the battle lines for what is sure to be a bitter confrontation with the Kremlin that is likely to drag on President Joe Biden or Russian President Vladimir Putin Leave the power.

harsh penalties: US leader Thursday pledge To make Putin an “outcast” by isolating Russian banks, punishing his wealthy friends, supporting Ukrainians, and containing the Kremlin’s attempt to undo the outcome of the recent conflict between Washington and Moscow, which brought democracy to Eastern Europe.

As Russia seeks to clamp down on Ukraine, severe sanctions are sure to trigger a backlash that would escalate the confrontation between the Russian leader and the West.

Referring to the impact of the economic war, James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, told CNN, “I doubt Putin will stand still,” speculating that he might seek to harm the United States, for example, through cyberattacks.

Ukrainian people: The third factor will determine this first chapter of the new confrontation between the United States and Russia – the ability of the Ukrainian people to resist invasion, a possible occupation, and what could turn out to be pro-Moscow leaders.

A related question about whether the United States should send weapons to support an insurgency against Moscow is about to become a hot political issue in Washington.

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