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45 minutes Three minutes of extra time.

44 minutes “Saying that the goal was not just against the course of play but was actually a complete insult to the playing career kinda ignores the fact that this is exactly what Palace set out to do: absorb all the pressure and then hit Liverpool Shoaib says. “And it has been working for them so far.”

That’s right, but he was still completely one-sided for the first half hour. The goal was the first time Palace had put a good counterattack together.

43 minutes Salah cuts a backwards cross toward Elliott, whose header flies from 15 yards straight into Guaita. He pats her—he might have kept her—and Andersen takes her out of play.

42 minutes The first half was a victory for Patrick Vieira. The five Palace defenses withstood full pressure in the first half hour, then began to limit the range of their counter-attacks.

40 minutes: Allison saves Zaha! Palace opens Liverpool With increased ease. Doucoure slips a pass down the right inner channel towards Zaha, who doubles his run nicely once again. This time his touch is a bit heavy, and this allows Alisson to charge and block the final shot.

40 minutes Diaz was booked for a foul on Ayew.

39 minutes That was Zaha’s goal, which was really a beauty.

38 minutes Doucoure shoots high and wide from 25 yards after a palace-appropriate break. Moments later, Zaha shot Allison straight from 20 yards away. The mood has changed.

36 minutes Alexander-Arnold has two long shots within a few seconds, both of which are blocked. The defenders of the palace must have turned off seven or eight shots already.

35 minutes Nunez shoots wide from 25 yards. Apparently, Liverpool have now conceded the first in the last six goals Premier League Toys. They won most of them, mind you.

34 minutes This goal was not only against the course of play. It was a complete insult to the gameplay. But it was a good ending, not least because Alisson is the best in the world in a singles match.

Brilliantly crafted at break by Ebere Eze. He killed a defensive cleansing of the palace, elegantly veering away from Fabinho and sliced Liverpool Opening with a straight pass in the back of the Phillips. Zaha timed him perfectly, moved into the area and fired a sure low shot through Alisson. What a wonderful goal.

Goal! Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace (Zaha 32)

Wilfried Zaha gives Palace the lead with a great goal!

Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace scored his first goal against Alisson Becker of Liverpool.
Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace scored his first goal against Alisson Becker of Liverpool. Photo: Cliff Brunskill/Getty Images
Zaha jumps in the air in celebration.
Zaha jumps in the air in celebration. Photography: Paul Greenwood/Rex/Shutterstock

31 minutes I know he’s not the best defender in the world, I know, but the extent of Alexander-Arnold’s passing is unrealistic.

30 minutes: Salah’s chance! Alexander-Arnold finds himself in the middle of the field, turning away from Schlub and passing great corners over the Palace defense. Salah meets her while running, 10 yards from the goal, but heads straight for Guaita. It was another good chance and a silly ball from Alexander-Arnold. He and Elliot looked so radiant Liverpool.

28 minutes “Liverpool made nine attempts in 24 minutes,” says Richard Hurst. “Do you know the record knowledge?”

Is this my new nickname? I suppose I have worse.

27 minutes Klein takes the ball off Elliot’s toes in the area. It’s all Liverpool, as it has been all along. According to the official Premier League site, Liverpool accounted for 77 per cent.

24 minutes Van Dijk has a pop from 30 yards. He hit well but off target.

24 minutes “He got this 0-1 (Robertson UG, 86 min) all over,” Matt Donny says in tears.

23 minutes: Salah’s chance! Alexander Arnold receives the ball in space on the right. He takes a touch and arrow superb low pass to Salah, who opens his body and shoots a few meters off the near post. This wasn’t the easiest opportunity, but he should have worked in Guaita.

Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, responds with displeasure.
Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, responds with displeasure. Photo: Andrew Yates/EPA

22 minutes Salah beats Alexander-Arnold, who was stopped by Guehy at the end of the area.

21 minutes Alexander-Arnold’s deep cross was forced by Robertson to turn back across the goal, under pressure from Klein, but Ayew advances in front of Nunez to drive the ball wide.

20 minutes The Palace has calmed things down a bit, although the match is still one-sided.

18 minutes Eze goes one-on-one before Allison denies him, even though everyone knows he was a hacker. The flag rose as soon as Alison fended off.

17 minutes Robertson makes an excellent running shot, on a long pass from Milner, and it’s shot by Ward. Diaz picks up the loose ball and eventually makes way for a shot that also hits Ward before it spins into Guaita’s arms.

15 minutes Nunez runs into space below the right, on a long pass from Phillips, and explodes a low cross well caught by Guaita.

13 minutes Palace is already swinging on goal kicks, prompting the host crowd to some boo.

10 minutes Minors can’t get out of a third, let alone half of them.

9 minutes: Two chances for Liverpool! Elliott danced in front of two defenders on the edge of the area and led a low shot that would have gone in had it not been for Anderson’s excellent block in the six-yard area. Moments later, Nunez hit the ball from a narrow angle at the far post.

6 minutes Palace’s 5-4-1 formation already looks like it’s turning into a 9-0-1. I don’t think Palace fans will appreciate the convergence of 9 and 0 during a match at Anfield.

5 minutes Liverpool got off to a lively start. Salah turns away from Mitchell on the right and returns the ball to Elliott, whose shot was blocked from the edge of the area by Andersen.

3 minutes Matip and Konate are injured, and Gomez is still fit in matches?! Jade Peter Oh. “This is not good news for the Liverpool defence. The good thing is that Klopp was able to find a Phillips screwdriver in his toolbox to try and thwart Palace’s attack.”

2 minutes Milner snapped Guaita at his follow up after he cut that shot over the bar – I think he stepped on his leg – and there’s a break in play while Guaita receives treatment.

One minute: a chance for Milner! The old man almost gives Liverpool The lead after 55 seconds. Alexander-Arnold’s dangerous pass was shown by Guetta under pressure from Nunez. Milner pinched Ayew’s loose ball, just outside the penalty area, and then slapped a left-footed ball over the crossbar.

1 minute Peep peep! The palace starts the match.

Jurgen Klopp’s pre-match interview

🗣️ “Because we don’t have another striker” 🤷‍♂️

Jurgen Klopp talks about why Darwin Nunez was given his first Premier League game.

Sky Sports Premier League (SkySportsPL) August 15, 2022

Players walk around the field, all wearing their toys. It looks a bit bleak on Merseyside, with something called ‘rain’ in the air.

“The Nunez looked so good Until now‘ says Brendan Large. ‘Is this the new first choice in front of me?’ Liverpool? “


“I have a bad feeling about this (From Liverpool point of view), Niall Mullen says.

I was expecting Liverpool to get off to a frighteningly fast start, as they did the last time they lost the title to City on the last day of the previous season. I still think they will, despite the slight fiasco last week. They will win 12-0 next Monday, and we already know that.

Patrick Vieira’s thoughts before the match

“We can create chances, we can score goals” 💬

Patrick Vieira looks forward to bewildering #MNF A clash between Liverpool and Crystal Palace this evening 👇

Sky Sports Premier League (SkySportsPL) August 15, 2022

Thirty years ago todayThe Premier League Launched. For the rich and the poor, it has dominated our lives ever since. The most iconic photos have been everywhere for the past few days, so our photo editors searched for something a little more offbeat. They have found some rare gems.

“I am in your ancient land “You better have a tickle wand to defuse any vitality,” says Ian Kopistik.

Patrick Vieira starts the night without a recognized striker. But he may soon have a new toy to play with.

Team news

Some interesting selections on both sides. Jurgen Klopp has ruled out Jordan Henderson, with Harvey Elliott and James Milner preferring in midfield. Nat Phillips, who played several matches in 2020-21, starts at the center of defence. Joel Matip and Ibrahima Konate are injured, while Joe Gomez is only fit on the bench. The record signing Darwin Nunez starts up front.

Patrick Vieira appears to have turned five at the back, with Joel Ward replacing Odson Edward. This is the only change from the Palace team that lost to Arsenal ten days ago.

Liverpool (4-3-3) Alison. Alexander-Arnold, Phillips, Van Dyck, Robertson; Elliott, Fabinho, Milner; Salah, Nunez and Diaz.
Alternatives: Adrian, Gomez, Tsimikas, Bajcetic, van den Berg, Keita, Henderson, Carvalho, Clark.

Crystal Palace (possible 5-4-1) Gweta. Klein, Ward, Andersen; Joyhee, Mitchell; Ayo, Ducor, Schlub, Easy; Zaha.
Subs: Johnston, Richards, Milivojevic, Ulysses, Hughes, Ebiwe, Blang, Mateta, Edward.

Rule Paul Tierney.


A stationary computer can be a sick development, okay. Crystal PalaceWith the aim of building on a brilliant first season under Patrick Vieira, he had the toughest start of any Premier League team: the opening game against New Arsenal last week, then Liverpool tonight and Manchester City at the end of August. Sure they also have a winable game at home against Villa on Saturday, but can we please not delve into that. I’m trying to sell a story here!

The point is, no one is giving Palace a big chance tonight. If you are a betting fanatic, you can get 16/1 with a Palace win and 6/1 with a draw. Since they had the insolence to win three straight games at Anfield between 2015-2017, Palace have lost 10 straight games, home and away, against Liverpool.

This match looked phenomenal even before Liverpool started the season with a slow 2-2 draw with Fulham. Performing like this has consequences. Liverpool players have spent nine days listening to people question their commitment to another season of heavy metal football. The backlash begins at 8 pm.

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