Mariners lose slip, defeat Reyes in extras behind George Kirby

My mother wasn’t the type to feel overly guilty when I finished all the food on my plate, but she certainly taught me not to let things go to waste (once I had a box of SPAM for a theater camp skit, I freaked out when I found en route to the casserole later that week). The Mariners’ moms may have similarly taught them the importance of not being wasteful, if not in the art of speed, as the team was able to pull off the tail long enough to sustain a memorable day for George Kirby’s debut.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Kirby, whose innings were strictly monitored by the team last year after being only fielded to the alternate site in 2020, and hasn’t made it past five rounds in any of his starts so far this year for Arkansas. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it this person Getting burnout, but the pressures of MLB innings is an important step of carving through the league’s junior hitters. Kirby made it look easy, however, as he hit six runs in the top season and only needs 81 throws to get there. He’s the first bowler in franchise history to throw six goals-less on his debut, which is impressive considering some of the bowlers who’ve worn the Mariners uniform over the years.

Kirby was dominant in his first turn, hitting the side, including getting Randy Arrosarina in an ugly half swing on the inside 97.

His Fastball sat 97-98 through the first two runs before dropping to 95-96 in the third and fourth, dropping again to 94-95 at the end of his descent, but he was still able to come back and get a 96 to write off walls in the fifth.

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I mean. Just look at this. Nasty (in a good way).

Kirby held the fastball and the slider in the first inning, but then mixed in a change and a curve ball starting in the third inning. He did talk about post-game about his desire to keep hitters off-balance and not get too excited in Fastball and that definitely showed up later in the game; Even after lagging 3-0, Kirby was willing to throw the slider or even alter it to try to elicit weak swings or whiffs. He fell behind his first hitter, Brandon Lowe, 3-1, and then came back with two slides—one fouled, one that Lowe swung in his first seven hits. The other hits were all on the fast ball, but by effectively shuffling his fields, Kirby was able to prevent the Rays from looking only for the fast ball. He’s also got a pair of soft fly balls on the change in his last round of action, which is as impressive to me as the hits, as he has the mind and confidence on that court to throw in the main counts.

The Mariners’ hitters may have been so taken aback by Kirby’s outing, that they failed to score any runs to support him. You really are a pitcher mariner now, George. It looked as though Jesse Winker and Lewis Torrens were getting something in the second with a pair of singles, putting the racers in corners with two challengers to Dylan Moore, who I think should be credited with running at home, I wouldn’t go further than So questions at this time.

It came in at 101.5 mph and had an xBA of 0.720 and didn’t even get double. Shameless universe. Likewise, Ty France had what for most of the game was the most hit ball at 107.5 (xBA from .700) that found its way straight into Wander Franco’s glove. Oh, and Jared Kielnik was called up to steal second place on a totally full reboot call which is an entirely separate issue, but anyway, the point is that the Sailors were especially swearing today, especially after Manuel Margo once again hit Homer in the eighth round, Eric Swanson which today seemed like a clear victory for the Rays and a sweep of the sailors. Mama told me there would be days like this but she didn’t tell me exactly how many of them would be at Mariners base.

While my mom didn’t lecture me specifically about food waste, I didn’t shy away from receiving that lecture entirely, thanks to the unforgettable camp experience where they used to have us dump our dinner plates into a giant tin pail which was then weighed and used to advertise the amount The food I wasted for the day and the number of hungry families we could feed. (Now that I’ve written that, I realize just how absurd it is? Abraham Torow may have had a similarly tough upbringing in Canada, because he certainly wasn’t willing to let George Kirby’s sterling outing go completely in vain:

It’s funny that that ball got hits less hard and with less xBA than DMo which Homer That Wasn’t, proving that baseball, like real estate, is about position, position, and location.

We sent Tournaments of Toro (Toroics?) to the Extras, where Paul Sewald took charge, trying to bounce back from a heartbreaking Friday night outing. I wish Paul Swald had been my camp counselor instead, because he could have taught proficiency without lifelong scarring, working a clean run (apart from a very deliberate and well-deserved walk to Manuel Margo), stranding him to Manfred Runner, and hitting the hitter By disk Yandy Diaz, with some emphasis:

As a reminder, Sewald and his wife Molly donate money for every Sewald strike record this season to Eastside Baby Corner, and you can join him in the pledge here.

The Rays were a perfect 3-0 in RPGs this year, but we know how T-Mobile’s Sunday RPGs go. We have to give something, thank God, the sailors were not. Unsung champion Dylan Moore put together a stunt that took Jared Kielnik to pole position, then the Rays made the baffling choice of walking Adam Frazier on purpose to get to Ty France. I know they were trying to set up the double play, and BigRaysBrains may have had a bunch of numbers to support the decision, but I say again: They walked with Adam Frazier to get to Ty France, who is currently a top 20 hitter in the league by fWAR. You know what Tai’s mom didn’t raise? Foolish.

It’s Matt Whistler, you know you get a slider, all you have to do is tap on it, and Ty did. It’s a shame Kirby didn’t get the win but hey, the bowler’s victories were exaggerated anyway, and he had to do it in front of a frenzied crew of friends and family all chanting “hip, hip, jorge,” a hymn that seems to have been around him for days His little gang, on Mother’s Day, which debuted outside the historical aspect of it. That’s some relief, as is the win, which seems especially nice on Sunday, just like my holy mother, who taught me many important lessons, but fortunately no tin bucket.

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